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加尼耶·德·纳布卢斯(Garnier de Naplouse) ( 1147 – 1191) 医生医院骑士团阿卡的大教长。他也是个圣殿骑士的秘密成员,还是阿尔穆林指使刺客阿泰尔暗杀的九人之一。



阿泰尔: "你真觉得你是在帮助别人吗?"
加尼耶: "不是觉得……是确信。"






阿泰尔: "放下你心中的负担吧。"
加尼耶: "啊,我现在可以休息了。无边无际的梦境就要来了。但在我闭上眼睛之前,我要知道:我的孩子们会怎么样(指病人)?"

Following the siege of Acre, Garnier was granted jurisdiction of the Poor District in Acre. There, he set up his base of operation at the Hospitalier hospital, and continued his brutal experiments. Rumors of his horrible work spread throughout the city, causing civilians to fear and avoid the hospital.

When Altaïr infiltrated the Hospitalier Fortress with the intention of assassinating Garnier, a terrified patient attempted to escape, only to be captured by Garnier's guards. When Garnier revealed himself, he attempted to calm the patient with kind words. However, the patient caused an outburst, claiming that Garnier's true intentions were evil. After the doctor admonished him, he commanded the guards to break the patient's legs, knowing this would prevent another escape attempt.

When Garnier dismissed the horrified crowd and returned to his work, the Assassin stealthily made his way inside the hospital, and located the doctor. Altaïr then took the doctor's life with his Hidden Blade. With his final words, Garnier claimed that he was actually helping his patients; although Altaïr tried to rebuke all of his claims, Garnier persisted in his beliefs.

Garnier claimed that the people he took were among the poorest and most ill of the surrounding cities, and that many had recovered and were grateful for his generous help. He said his methods were necessary to free people from the "prisons of their own minds." Altaïr asked if he truly believed that he was helping them, and Garnier simply replied, "It's not what I believe, it's what I know." Before he could say any more, however, Garnier died, and Altaïr was left to escape the area, and report his success to the local Assassin bureau.


Garnier genuinely believed that he was helping the people that he held in his hospital, despite committing cruel and unjust acts to his patients, turning them into his slaves, and making them his guards. Even though he claimed to be a man of science, he completely lacked a sense of ethics and morality. He did not seem to fear death and even while he was communicating with Altaïr, he attempted to justify his actions, explaining why he dragged them from their supposed "homes" such as brothels or sewers.

He often wore black robes with an apron that was stained from the blood of the patients who had been involved in his experiments. He had a small leather belt around his waist which held up a small pouch and he usually carried his sword around with him for protection. He was of average height and weight, with signs of aging, such as wrinkles and balding being prominent in his appearance.


  • 就和西布兰特罗贝尔一样,加尼耶也是历史人物。真实历史上的他是1190至1192年的医院骑士团的大教长。
  • 真实历史上的加尼耶参与了阿尔苏夫之战,并死在了战斗当中。。



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