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Assassin's Creed: Syndicate downloadable content refers to content released separately from Assassin's Creed: Syndicate and implemented into the game at a later date. The following is a list of all additional content available for the game.


Helix包 编辑

Helix Credits can be used to gain additional in-game currency, crafting resources and other time savers.

  • Helix Credit Base Pack - contain 500 Helix Credits.
  • Helix Credit Small Pack - contain 1200 Helix Credits.
  • Helix Credit Medium Pack - contain 3000 Helix Credits.
  • Helix Credit Large Pack - contain 4800 Helix Credits.
  • Helix Credit Extra Large Pack - contain 9000 Helix Credits.


The following content can be partially unlocked via certain special editions of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, Uplay and external merchandise such as Collector's Edition guide promo codes or by downloading Streets of London Pack.



  • Suave outfit - for Jacob
  • Nighthawk outfit - for Evie

装备 编辑

  • Iron Belt
  • Suave Belt
  • Out Of The Blue Cloak
  • Crimson Wing Cloak

手杖剑 编辑

  • Ocean Cane-Sword
  • Copper Hammer Cane-Sword

指虎 编辑

  • Dirty Knuckles
  • Angel's Knuckles
  • Pirate Knuckles

廓尔喀刀 编辑

  • Ceremonial Kukri
  • Golden Kukri
  • Ram's Kukri

枪械 编辑

  • Demonic Revolver
  • Stealth Revolver

刺客臂铠 编辑

  • Redback Gauntlet
  • Industrial Gauntlet
  • Royal Gauntlet

免费内容 编辑

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate got some free bonuses following its release.


  • Dr. Daniel's Garment's outfit - for Evie

Add an extra option to your arsenal with this new outfit for Evie and make the atmosphere a bit more electric.

——Store description

  • The Creature's Rags outfit - for Jacob

This new outfit for Jacob will bring out the monster in him.

——Store description

Ubisoft Club内容编辑

  • 400 Helix Credits (FREE)
  • Initiate Reward Pack (FREE) - Unlock the Ezio Outfit for Jacob and permanently increases in-game currency earned by 10%.
  • Assassin Reward Pack (FREE, require at least 2500XP earned in Assassin's Creed games) - Unlock the Élise and the Aveline Outfit for Evie.
  • Master Assassin Reward Pack (FREE, require at least 7200XP earned in Assassin's Creed games) - Unlock the Edward Outfit for Jacob and the Shao Jun Outfit for Evie.
  • Ubisoft Blue equipment colors (10U)
  • Teal equipment colors (10U)
  • Evie and Jacob Cloak/Belt Combo (15U)
  • Bullseye Revolver (20U)
  • Arbaaz Mir's cane-sword (20U)
  • The Baker Street outfit (30U)


A Season Pass is also available for the game, which granted exclusive access to A Long Night Out on the Town mission, permanent XP boost (10%) and 500 Helix Credits. Accompanying this, at $29.99, the pass is 25% cheaper than buying all downloadable content packs separately. The season pass does not grant access to the The Dreadful Crimes DLC.