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《刺客信条:黑旗》(Assassin's Creed: Black Flag)是一本由奥利佛·波登撰写,于2013年11月7日在英国和2013年11月26日在美国发售的小说。小说内容集中于同名游戏的事件。












与《刺客信条IV:黑旗》不同之处 编辑

  • The Assassins' ambush to the Templars in order to rescue Bartholomew Roberts after Kenway, Rogers and du Casse's induction to the Order was omitted and it leads to Rogers's departure for England though Ah Tabai still berates Edward for 'murdering' his students in Havana when they first met.
  • Edward admits to knowing a single Italian word: grazie, during his mission in assassinating Woodes Rogers but in the game, he spoke several more words of Italian.
  • Edward's feelings towards Anne Bonny is further told in the novel and the two shared a goodbye kiss before Edward left for England with his daughter.
  • Robert Maynard is present during the battle against Blackbeard to which his hand was sliced opened by the pirate.
  • Edward's pursuit to Bartholomew Roberts was much more different; instead of four frigates belonging to the Spanish and Royal Navies, they were attacked by a British Man O' War called the HMS Swallow who was also after Roberts. This is consistent with the Royal Navy's historical account on its ambush on Roberts.
  • Edward was attracted to Mary Read after discovering she was a woman and was disappointed when she used her James Kidd persona once more.
  • Stede Bonnet's death was reported to Edward, to which he expressed remorse for his death.
  • Julien du Casse cursed at Edward in English rather than French during his final moments.
  • No mention is made to Opia Apito, Upton and Vance Travers, and the Templar agents.
  • El Tiburon and Edward Kenway had a confrontation after the former discovered his fake Duncan Walpole persona that ended with Edward's defeat and subsequent imprisonment in the Spanish Treasure Fleet. A confrontation between the two was planned in the game but was cancelled for unknown reasons.


  • 本书籍的第三章可以在阿布斯泰戈娱乐公司的其中一部电脑入侵后找到。[1] Assassin's were the greatest known for its own unique and consist of protein and the hot water heater.


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