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The following are the achievements that can be earned in Assassin's Creed: Revelations.


Icon Name How to obtain Points Trophy
The Conqueror trophy The Conqueror Get every trophy. N/A PS3Platinum

The Early Years The Early Years Complete Desmond Sequence 1. 20 G PS3Bronze

Best Served Cold Best Served Cold Complete DNA Sequence 1. 20 G PS3Silver

The Reluctant Assassin The Reluctant Assassin Complete Desmond Sequence 2. 20 G PS3Bronze

Istanbul and Constantinople Istanbul and Constantinople Complete DNA Sequence 2. 20 G PS3Silver

Escape to New York Escape to New York Complete Desmond Sequence 3. 20 G PS3Bronze

Seal the Deal Seal the Deal Complete DNA Sequence 3. 20 G PS3Silver

The Prince The Prince Complete DNA Sequence 4. 20 G PS3Silver

Plot Thickens The Plot Thickens Complete DNA Sequence 5. 20 G PS3Silver

Successes and Failures Successes and Failures Complete DNA Sequence 6. 20 G PS3Silver

Rotten Apple The Rotten Apple Complete Desmond Sequence 4. 20 G PS3Bronze

Old Boss, New Boss Old Boss, New Boss Complete DNA Sequence 7. 20 G PS3Silver

Priorities Priorities Complete DNA Sequence 8. 20 G PS3Silver

Are You Desmond Miles Are You Desmond Miles? Complete Desmond Sequence 5. 20 G PS3Bronze

Revelations Revelations Complete DNA Sequence 9. 50 G PS3Gold

Fond Memories Fond Memories Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences. 20 G PS3Silver

Holy Wisdom Holy Wisdom Complete the Hagia Sofia challenge level. 20 G PS3Silver

Capped Capped Collect all Animus data fragments. 20 G PS3Bronze

Worth 1000 Words Worth a Thousand Words Collect all of Ishak Pasha's memoir pages. 20 G PS3Bronze

Pyromaniac Pyromaniac Complete all Bomb missions. 20 G PS3Bronze

Armchair General Armchair General Control all cities (except Rhodes) simultaneously in the Mediterranean Defense game. 20 G PS3Bronze

Iron Curtain Iron Curtain Perform a perfect den defense without using the cannon. 20 G PS3Bronze

Spider Assassin Spider Assassin Climb Hagia Sofia, from the ground to the pinnacle, in under 25 seconds. 20 G PS3Bronze

A Friend Indeed A Friend Indeed Complete all Faction Creed Challenges from a single faction. 20 G PS3Bronze

Tax Evasion Tax Evasion Get your money back from a Templar tax collector. 10 G PS3Bronze

Mentor trophy The Mentor Have seven trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin. 20 G PS3Silver

Lightning Strikes Lightning Strikes Kill 5 guards in 5 seconds using only your Hidden Blades. 20 G PS3Bronze

Overkiller Overkiller Assassinate 50 guards with the Hidden Blade. 20 G PS3Bronze

Show-Off Show-Off Parachute onto a zipline. 20 G PS3Bronze

Sage Sage Collect all available books. 20 G PS3Bronze

Fast Fingers Fast Fingers Loot 50 dead guards with thief looting. 20 G PS3Bronze

Mosh Pit Mosh Pit Have 10 guards poisoned at the same time. 20 G PS3Bronze

Mouse Trap Mouse Trap Kill 5 guards with a scaffold after they have been stunned by caltrops. 20 G PS3Bronze

Craft Maniac Craft Maniac Craft 30 bombs. 20 G PS3Bronze

Protege My Protégé Have one trainee reach the rank of Master Assassin. 20 G PS3Bronze

Almost Flying Almost Flying Parachute directly from the top of the Galata Tower to the Golden Horn. 20 G PS3Bronze

Silent but Deadly Silent but Deadly Kill three guards simultaneously with only throwing knives. 20 G PS3Bronze

I Can See You I can see you Kill 5 guards while under the cover of a smoke screen bomb. 20 G PS3Bronze

Monster's Dance Monster's Dance Have a guard incapacitate 3 civilians while he's poisoned. 20 G PS3Bronze

Bully Bully Find and beat up Duccio. 20 G PS3Bronze

Mastering the Art Mastering the Art Earn the INCOGNITO bonus (Multiplayer). 30 G PS3Silver

Tools of the Templar Tools of the Templar Purchase your first ABILITY in the Abstergo Store (Multiplayer). 10 G PS3Bronze

Achiever Achiever Complete a Challenge (Multiplayer). 10 G PS3Bronze

True Templar True Templar Reach level 20 (Multiplayer). 20 G PS3Silver

Looking Good Looking Good Customize a PERSONA (Multiplayer). 10 G PS3Bronze

There is no I in Team There is no I in Team Win a session of a team mode (Multiplayer). 20 G PS3Bronze

Make the Headlines Make the Headlines Obtain 13 different Accolades (Multiplayer). 30 G PS3Silver

The Way I Like It The Way I Like It Edit your TEMPLAR PROFILE to change your title, emblem, and patron (Multiplayer). 20 G PS3Bronze

Explorer Explorer Finish a session of each game mode (Multiplayer). 20 G PS3Silver

Tactitian Tactician Score at least 2500 points in a session (Multiplayer). 30 G PS3Silver

Stopped Dead Trophy Stopped Dead[1] Obtain 3 Hidden Gun kills during a session of Steal the Artifact as The Corsair (Multiplayer). 20 G PS3Bronze

The Vulture Trophy The Vulture[1] Obtain 5 Ground Finish bonuses in Manhunt during a session as The Brigand (Multiplayer). 20 G PS3Bronze

Pirate's Trophy Pirate's Bravery[1] Use the Bodyguard against your pursuer as The Privateer (Multiplayer). 30 G PS3Silver

The Juggernaut Trophy The Juggernaut[1] Perform 3 kills using the Charge as The Gladiator (Multiplayer). 20 G PS3Bronze

Carnival Trophy Carnival[2] Stay blended for 3 minutes during a Wanted session in Siena (Multiplayer). 20 G PS3Bronze

Wild Rage Trophy Wild Rage[2] Perform 3 Stuns without dying in Jerusalem (Multiplayer). 30 G PS3Silver

Restrained Violence Trophy Restrained Violence[2] Obtain 5 Kill Assist bonuses during a session on any Team Mode in Dyers (Multiplayer). 20 G PS3Bronze

Straw Hat Trophy Straw Hat[2] Perform 2 kills from haystacks during a session in San Donato (Multiplayer). 30 G PS3Silver

The Spice of Life Trophy The Spice of Life[2] Obtain 2 Variety bonuses during a session in Firenze (Multiplayer). 30 G PS3Silver

Up and Down Trophy Up and Down[2] Perform 5 Leaps of Faith during a session of Assassinate in Imperial District (Multiplayer). 20 G PS3Bronze

Part of the Creed Trophy Part of the Creed[3] Take the induction leap of faith. 10 G PS3Bronze

Jump they say Trophy Jump they say[3] Reach the Animus memo. 10 G PS3Bronze

Enter the Animus Trophy Enter the Animus[3] Enter the Animus simulation. 10 G PS3Bronze

Meet your maker Trophy Meet your maker[3] Finish memory five. 10 G PS3Bronze

Find all pieces Trophy Find all Pieces[3] Find all decipher fragments. 50 G PS3Silver

Save yourself Trophy Save yourself[3] Land on a block after falling more than 25 meters. 10 G PS3Bronze

Impress Warren Vidic Trophy Impress Warren Vidic[3] Complete the Animus testing sequence without failing. 50 G PS3Bronze

Cross Styx without dying Trophy Cross Styx without dying[3] Make it across the river Styx without failing. 25 G PS3Bronze

The Loop Trophy The Loop[3] Experience the loop. 25 G PS3Silver

Breaking the Loop Trophy Breaking the Loop[3] Break the loop, escape the cycle. 50 G PS3Silver

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  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Only available after downloading the Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 Only available after downloading The Lost Archive.


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