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关于the achievements of other Assassin's Creed games请参见Achievements.

The following are the achievements that can be earned in Assassin's Creed: Rogue.


图标 名称 达成条件 点数 奖杯
ACRGA-HalcyonDays Halcyon days 完成记忆序列1 10 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-EndOfYouth The end of youth 完成记忆序列2 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-MakingNewFriends Making new friends 完成记忆序列3 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-PickingTeams Picking teams 完成记忆序列4 20 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-Legends One legend dies, and one is born 完成记忆序列5 20 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-BrotherhoodBroken Brotherhood broken 完成记忆序列6 20 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-NoPageUnturned No page unturned Complete the final glitched memory 20 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-TemplarThenAndNow Templar then; Templar now 游戏通关 50 G PS3Gold

ACRGA-DidIDoThat Did I do that? 完成现代任务1 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-NotDead He's not dead, is he? 完成现代任务2 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-WorthyCause A worthy cause 完成现代任务3 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-SendingAMessage Sending a message 完成现代任务4 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-FullSync Achieve full synchronization Achieve 100% synchronization in all main missions 50 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-GangHQ Capture all Gang HQs Capture All Gang HQs 30 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-StalkerKiller Stalker killer Counter-Kill 30 Stalkers 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-PropertyTycoon Property Tycoon Complete all renovations 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-DedicatedEmployee Dedicated Employee Complete 35 Abstergo Challenges 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-PhantomQueen Phantom Queen Fully Upgrade the Morrigan 20 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-Camper Camper Loot 20 supply camps 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-YoursMine What's yours is mine Loot 20 ship convoys 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-DoNotWant Do not want Counter 20 smoke bombs successfully using a gas mask 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-Repairman Repairman Repair all computers in Abstergo Entertainment 10 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-Cartographer Cartographer Visit every location in the game 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-AncientHero Ancient Hero Get the Native Armor 20 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-KnightOfYore Knight of Yore Get the Templar Armor 20 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-GlobeTrotter Globe Trotter Complete 17 story missions in the Naval Campaign 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-MemoryCollector Memory collector Collect all Animus fragments 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-Owned Owned Complete every activity in a single location 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-ForTheEmpire For the Empire! Capture all forts 30 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-IllTakeThat I'll take that Capture all settlements 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-MasterNorthAtlantic Master of the North Atlantic All legendary battles completed 50 G PS3Gold

ACRGA-Smashing Smashing Destroy 100 Ice bergs 10 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-IceBreaker Ice Breaker Break through 500 meters of Ice Sheets 10 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-FreedomFighter Freedom Fighter Free 300 British Prisoners of War 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-UnicornSlayer Unicorn Slayer Harpoon a Narwhal 10 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-DefenceFirst Defence First Survive a Reverse-Boarding 10 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-Denied Denied Counter 15 air surprise attacks 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-KingOfHill King of the Hill Complete all Native hills and Ice Caves 20 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-Ninja Ninja Complete an Outpost without getting detected 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-InstantVikings Instant Vikings Hit 5 enemies with the berserk grenade at the same time 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-NapTime Nap Time Put 5 enemies to sleep with the sleep grenade at the same time 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-ThisWarMine This war of mine Complete all Assassin interceptions 30 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-HuntTheHunted Hunt the hunted Sink 10 ships in North Atlantic without dying while only the HUNTED cheat is active 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-IEndure I ENDURE Sink 10 ships in North Atlantic without dying while only the ENDURANCE cheat is active 20 G PS3Bronze

ACRGA-Supplier Supplier Take over 10 large supply camps while only the VETERANS cheat is active 30 G PS3Silver

ACRGA-KillingMachine Killing machine Kill 30 guards without dying while only the ENDURANCE cheat is active 30 G PS3Silver

ACRGT-PlatinumTrophy Platinum Trophy Unlock all other trophies N/A PS3Platinum


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