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刺客信条 是一个包括在刺客信条限量版中的16页漫画小说,并展示了阿泰尔·伊本-拉阿哈德以及戴斯蒙德·迈尔斯的双重故事。




The story of the novel commenced with Desmond Miles and his escape from the Abstergo Industries facility in the year 2012, but changed sides later on as Desmond interacted with the Animus and experienced a memory of Altaïr from the year 1191. Altaïr was tasked with performing multiple assassinations of Templar knights within the city of Acre.

Both sides of the narrators' stories were synched with each other and had the same message portrayed in two different time contexts. Desmond introduced himself first in the beginning of the novel by explaining who he was and what had happened to him. He described himself as being a prisoner, and that he did not know what these men wanted or why they had abducted him.

Later, Desmond synchronized with Altaïr's memories and the latter explained himself as being a hunter, and that he hunted these men to learn who had led them and what they had planned. This created a link between the two Assassins where both of them explained who they were and what they did. Towards the end of the story they both re-introduced themselves as being Assassins and that that was their life.

In Desmond's introduction he was seen moving across the outside of the complex and avoiding Abstergo security guards who had pursued him throughout the facility. He entered and silently traveled through the vents of the facility and was almost caught by one particular guard. The man was suspicious of noises heard in the vents but later dismissed it as nothing and continued patrolling his sector.

Desmond was then seen crouched directly behind the guard in an opening in the vent as the guard responded to concerns from his colleague and stated that his sector was clear. Desmond then sneaked behind the board of Abstergo and entered a large room that contained the Animus. He stepped up to it and laid his hand on the device. The Animus glowed powerfully in response, and Desmond was then transported into his subconscious mind when he experienced the machine's recreation of Altaïr's assassination memory.

Desmond viewed Altaïr's memory in which he walked through the streets of Acre, and entered a narrow alleyway where he assassinated a Templar knight. After the guard was dispatched Altaïr scaled a nearby wall to avoid being detected. The next scene depicted multiple guards who eyed the city streets and were unware of Altaïr moving swiftly across rooftops in the background.

He leapt across the side of a building and was spotted by a rooftop archer. Just as the archer cried out in alert, Altaïr stabbed and pulled him off the ledge. The archer fell to the ground below and attracted the attention of numerous other guards.

Altaïr responded instantly and jumped down onto the back of a guard, which killed him when Altaïr slammed the guard's head into the ground. The story then flashed back to the future where the board members discovered Desmond laying down in the Animus. Desmond sprung to his feet and escaped the Animus room being chased by Abstergo officials.

The story then flashed back to the past where Altaïr was engaged in a battle with Templar guards and was fighting them back. Then the memory was desynchronized and lastly showed Altaïr retract his Hidden Blade, with the guards laid dead at his feet, and Desmond cornered by the board members. He was poised and ready to fight.


  • 戴斯蒙德:我的名字是戴斯蒙德迈尔斯...而且我是个囚犯。
  • 无线电声: 第八区-没有异常-
  • 无线电声2: ...没有异常...
  • 无线电声: ...第九区??? 第九区...有人在吗?
  • 警卫: 第九区, 没有异常..


  • 警卫: 奇怪了,没有异常啊...
  • 无线电声: 第九区十三号,确定你所在的区域没有任何问题么?
  • 警卫: 是的...这里没有出现任何异常状况!
  • 无线电声: 收到!
  • 警卫: 这该死的通风口需要好好修理一下才行了!
  • 戴斯蒙德: 我真的不知道这些家伙想从我身上得到些什么...也不知道这些家伙要绑架我...


  • 戴斯蒙德: ...以及为什么要把我弄到这里来。


  • 阿泰尔: 吾名为阿泰尔·伊本-拉阿哈德。
  • 圣殿骑士: 该死的老鼠...


  • 阿泰尔: 跟着这些人,最终我可能会知道一些真相。 得知谁是他们的头头...
  • 弓箭手: 警报!


  • 阿泰尔: ...以及他们的计划...
  • 弓箭手: 啊啊啊啊!



  • 阿布斯泰戈职员: 抓住他!
  • 戴斯蒙德: 我的名字是戴斯蒙德·迈尔斯...
  • 阿泰尔: 我的名字是阿泰尔·伊本-拉阿哈德...我是一名刺客。
  • 戴斯蒙德: ...我是一名刺客。


  • 阿泰尔在屋顶边缘的动作和刺客信条II埃齐奥将屋顶的警卫拉下房顶的动作相似。
  • 在图像小说中,阿泰尔未携带除袖剑外的武器。
  • 阿布斯泰戈实验室外部可以在图像小说中看到。
  • 所叙述的现代戴斯蒙德的情节是Thierry Doizon创作的,而古代阿泰尔的情节是David Levy创作的。


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