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图标 名称 获取方式 点数 隐藏?
AC achievement the eagle and the apple The Eagle and The Apple - 1191 Complete Assassin's Creed. 100 G No
AssassinsCreed PersonalVendetta Personal Vendetta Kill every Templar. 40 G No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheLionsPassant Keeper of the Lions Passant Find all King Richard Flags in the Kingdom. 25 G No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheCreed Keeper of the Creed Find all Flags in Masyaf. 10 G No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheFourGospels Keeper of the Four Gospels Find all Flags in Jerusalem. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheCrescent Keeper of the Crescent Find all Flags in Damascus. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed AbsoluteSymbiosis Absolute Symbiosis Have a complete Synchronization meter. 45 G No
AssassinsCreed Fearless Fearless Scale, and Synchronize atop, all View Points. 25 G No
AssassinsCreed HungererOfKnowledge Hungerer of Knowledge See 85% of all the memory glitches. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed DefenderOfThePeopleAcre Defender of the People: Acre Complete every free mission in Acre. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed DefenderOfThePeopleJerusalem Defender of the People: Jerusalem Complete every free mission in Jerusalem. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed DefenderOfThePeopleDamascus Defender of the People: Damascus Complete every free mission in Damascus. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed Conversationalist Conversationalist Go through every dialogue with Lucy. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed DiscipleOfTheCreed Disciple of the Creed Assassinate all of your targets with a complete memory log. 30 G No
AssassinsCreed EaglesWill Eagle's Will Defeat 100 opponents without dying. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed EaglesFlight Eagle's Flight Last 10 minutes in open conflict. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed EaglesPrey Eagle's Prey Assassinate 100 guards. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed BladeInTheCrowd Blade in the Crowd Kill one of your main targets like a true assassin. 30 G No
AssassinsCreed EaglesChallenge Eagle's Challenge Defeat 25 guards in a single fight. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed EaglesSwiftness Eagle's Swiftness Perform 100 counter kills. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed EaglesDive Eagle's Dance Perform 50 combo kills. 20 G No
AssassinsCreed EaglesTalon Eagle's Talon Perform 50 stealth assassinations. 15 G No
AssassinsCreed EaglesDance Eagle's Dive Perform 50 leaps of faith. 10 G No
AssassinsCreed TheHandsOfAThief The Hands of a Thief Pickpocket 200 throwing knives. 15 G No
AssassinsCreed MarchOfThePious March of the Pious Use scholar blending 20 times. 5 G No
AssassinsCreed EaglesEye Eagle's Eye Kill 75 guards with Throwing knives. 15 G No
AssassinsCreed EnemyOfThePoor Enemy of the Poor Grab and throw 25 beggars. 5 G No
AssassinsCreed GiftedEscapist Gifted Escapist Jump through 20 merchant stands. 5 G No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheBlackCross Keeper of the Black Cross Find all Teutonic Flags in Acre. 10 G No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheOrder Keeper of the Order Find all Templar Flags in Acre. 10 G No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfThe8Virtues Keeper of the 8 Virtues Find all Hospitalier Flags in Acre. 10 G No
AssassinsCreed WelcomeToTheAnimus Welcome to the Animus Complete the Animus tutorial. 20 G Yes
AssassinsCreed HeroOfMasyaf Hero of Masyaf Defend Masyaf from the Templars. 20 G Yes
AssassinsCreed ThePunishmentForTreason The Punishment for Treason Find the traitor and bring him before Al Mualim. 20 G Yes
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfACorruptMerchant The Blood of a Corrupt Merchant Slay Tamir. 25 G Yes
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfADoctor The Blood of a Doctor Slay Garnier De Naplouse. 25 G Yes
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfASlaveTrader The Blood of a Slave Trader Slay Talal. 25 G Yes
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfTheMerchantKing The Blood of The Merchant King Slay Abul Nu'qoud. 25 G Yes
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfALiegeLord The Blood of a Leige Lord Slay William of Montferrat. 25 G Yes
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfARegent The Blood of a Regent Slay Majd Addin. 25 G Yes
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfATeutonicLeader The Blood of a Teutonic Leader Slay Sibrand. 25 G Yes
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfAScribe The Blood of a Scribe Slay Jubair. 25 G Yes
AssassinsCreed TheBloodOfANemesis The Blood of a Nemesis Slay Robert De Sable. 25 G Yes
AssassinsCreed VisionsOfTheFuture Visions of the Future Sit through the end credits and use Eagle Vision on the bedroom wall. 50 G Yes


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