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内莉(Nellie, 1864 -未知)是一名维多利亚时代在伦敦工作的妓女。作为刺客雅各布·弗莱的熟人,她协助雅各布的双胞胎姐姐伊薇·弗莱进行从开膛手杰克手中解放伦敦的事业。



Nellie: "Oi, what kind of man gets his jollies hurting a defenseless girl?"
Abusive Man: "Oh, god, please... let me go... don't tell my wife."
Nellie: "So now yer sorry, eh? Don't you ever lay a hand on one of us girls again. We know who you are."
—Nellie and her girls confronting an abusive man about his assault of a prostitute, 1888.[来源]

Born between 1863 and 1865, Nellie was one of the many women in London who turned to prostitution to make a living. In March of 1888, she became acquainted with Jacob Frye, who had witnessed her jumping to the defense of a fellow prostitute on Dorset Street. Impressed, he offered to buy the two of them a drink, but Nellie refused, leading Jacob to get them dinner at the Frying Pan instead.


内莉: "凯特?不,他怎么,他怎么能杀了……还有利兹?两个人,在一晚上都……"
雅各布: "内莉,记住我说过的。现在快走。"

In 1888, Jack, one of Jacob's initiates, took control of the Rooks; in response, Jacob ordered several female initiates to go undercover as prostitutes in an attempt to lure him out and assassinate him. One of these women, Mary Ann Nichols, was Nellie's roommate, and the first to die by Jack's hand. In the next months, more fell victim to the serial killer, whose actions spread fear througout London.

ACS Prologue 4


On 30 September, news reached Nellie that two more women had been murdered, leading her to seek out Jacob. The two subsequently visited the crime scene of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes, whose deaths left Nellie grief-stricken. Worrying for her safety, Jacob handed Nellie some money and told her to leave Whitechapel. Nellie reluctantly agreed, but when the money eventually ran out, she was forced to resume her work under Lady Owers, who supplied Jack the Ripper with information.

伊薇的回归 编辑

内莉: "她早就知道你会来的,弗莱小姐。O夫人就是开膛手在伦敦的眼线……"
伊薇: "杀了她,杰克就不得不亲自出面了。"

Sometime after, Nellie was seized by some Rooks at the brothel she worked and forcibly escorted to the Kenway Mansion, despite her protestations. Upon arriving there, Nellie was taken to the main hall, where Owers gave a speech about the unfortunates of London she intended to continue 'helping'. As Nellie listened, Evie Frye, intent on finding her missing brother, appeared behind her.

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Fearing retribution, Nellie told Evie they could not speak at the mansion and, when pressed, explained that Owers was in league with Jack the Ripper. As she prepared to depart, Owers approached her prostitutes and gave them a thinly veiled warning to not step out of line. However, upon spotting Evie amongst the crowd, Owers ordered one of her men to take Nellie, following which she left for her manor.

Locked into a carriage, Nellie inadvertently served as a decoy for Evie, who nearly killed Nellie in her attempts to stop the vehicle, thinking Owers was inside. After being liberated from the carriage, Nellie explained Owers' role in Jack the Ripper's operations, leading Evie to conclude that she had to die. Later, after Owers had been dealt with, Nellie had her fellow prostitutes help Evie with blending in, while the Assassin assisted them in turn by stopping abusive clients and shaming them in front of the citizens, rescuing prostitutes kidnapped by the Rooks, and liberating brothels under attack by the Ripper's underlings.




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