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佛罗里达(Florida)美国东南部的一个州,西临墨西哥湾,北接阿拉巴州和佐治亚州,东望大西洋。1513年,西班牙探险者胡安·庞塞·德·莱昂最先发现并用 La Florida (”鲜花之地“) 命名它。


1503年, 15世纪末地理大发现之后,刺客们开始向美洲发展。[1] 在1510年之前,刺客组织就已经在佛罗里达建立了一个兄弟会。[2] 同年,波多黎各Alonso Carlo 和他的养子Miguel Ramón Carlo de Lugo在被控诉刺杀波多黎各总督后逃亡到佛罗里达。

1521年庞塞·的·莱昂来到佛罗里达搜不老之泉Fountain of Youth,传闻泉水能使人永驻青春。泉水里埋藏着伊甸碎片,并处于兄弟会的保护中。 Miguel Ramón被派去阻止庞塞, 不过没有成功。 刺客们用毒箭射中了庞塞·德·拉昂,庞塞受伤狼狈地逃回了哈瓦那[2]

从1693 到 1699年,佛罗里达在 圣殿大团长劳雷亚诺·德·托雷斯-阿亚拉的控制之下。.[3]

18世纪初,由于1715年西班牙珍宝舰队沉没,佛罗里达经常遭到前来捞取宝藏的海盗的骚扰 。爱德华·肯威也曾来到过罗里达东南部的小岛,where he happened upon the recent wreckage of beached Spanish and British warships.[3]

圣殿骑士团的另一名成员, Alonso Fernández de Heredia, 从1751 到 1758掌管佛罗里达。 He used his military actions against the British colony of Georgia to cover the Templar activities in the Gulf of Mexico, and traded slaves with the Mexican site of Chichen Itza. [4]

In 1751, with the increasing power of the Colonial Brotherhood and the possibility of Assassin interference, John Harrison suggested that the Order leave the peninsula, moving the headquarters of their operations to Louisiana.[4]

Edward's grandson, Ratonhnhaké:ton, sailed to St. Augustine in 1773. On his way, he eliminated privateer ships such as the Saint James, increasing the safety of trade convoys to Florida.[5]

In 2000, during the United States presidential election, Abstergo Industries manipulated the electoral voting procedure of Florida to ensure that their political puppet, George W. Bush, won the presidency. This was ensured by the death of the Assassins' Mentor at the hands of Daniel Cross, with the event throwing the Brotherhood's efforts of opposing the Templars' aims with their own presidential opponent, Al Gore, into disarray.[6]