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Ikaros was a male Golden eagle companion of the Spartan misthios Kassandra.


In the 440s BCE, a hatchling Ikaros was found by a young Kassandra after she was thrown down from the top of Mount Taygetos by her father Nikolaos.[1] Ikaros afterwards accompanied Kassandra as she fled from Sparta and ended up on Kephallonia. Forming a close bond, Ikaros often operated alongside Kassandra during her time as a misthios, gaining her nickname and fame as the "Eagle Bearer".[2]


Ikaros' reconnaissance ability was of great help to Kassandra during her travels. In addition to this, Ikaros helped her also by attacking those who had targeted her, and by distracting Kassandra's human enemies at her bidding.[2]

If Kassandra was hunting, Ikaros would occasionally swoop down to get a kill of his own.[2]


  • Ikaros functions mostly the same as Senu from Assassin's Creed: Origins; the major difference is that Ikaros can hurt and even kill humans on his own, unlike Senu.
  • 伊卡璐斯(Ikaros)一名源自神话人物伊卡璐斯。他是工匠代达罗斯的儿子,被克里特王迈诺斯关押在石堡里。代达罗斯用鸟羽和蜜蜡粘制了两副翅膀。伊卡璐斯在翅膀的助力下展翅翱翔,但蜜蜡却被烈日灼化。最终他掉入深渊,回天乏术。
  • According to numerous individuals, Ikaros is the "eagle of Zeus", giving Kassandra her epithet of 'Eagle Bearer'.
  • The life expectancy of a Golden Eagle is 30 years, if Ikaros had been watching over Kassandra since she was born, he would be nearing the end of his life by 422 BCE.
    • By the time of the modern day, when Kassandra meets Layla in Atlantis, she mentions that Ikaros has long since passed away.
  • In a loadscreen blurb, it's mentioned how Ikaros had been a "part of (Kassandra's) family ever since Sparta."
  • In the game, Ikaros was previously an eagle companion of the philosopher Pythagoras, who sent him to watch over Kassandra.




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