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“Alexandria is where the whole world meets, where every language under the sun is spoken on its streets, where Greeks and Egyptians walk together, where the Jews have their own temples even—and scholars from around the world come to study at the great Museum and Library.”

Alexandria is the second largest city of Egypt, located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is named after the Macedonian king Alexander the Great, who founded the city around 331 BCE. A Hellenistic city, it served as the capital of Egypt throughout the Ptolemaic dynasty. It had so much commercial and intellectual development, that it became the most flourished city of the Ptolemaic era.


Ptolemaic era编辑


In 49 BCE, the pharaoh Cleopatra was exiled by her brother and co-ruler, Ptolemy XIII with the help of the Order of the Ancients. Apollodorus, one of Cleopatra's loyal followers, helped her to escape the city through the canals.[1]


In September, the Roman general Julius Caesar travelled to Alexandria in pursuit of his rival Pompey, who had fled to Egypt. There, Caesar was received by Ptolemy XIII, who presented the head of the deceased Pompey to the general. Their meeting was interrupted with the arrival of Cleopatra with the help of Aya, Bayek and Apollodorus.[4]


In 30 BCE, the Roman army led by Octavian invaded Alexandria. Aya, now known as the Hidden One Amunet, confronted Cleopatra in her palace. Amunet handed her a vial of asp extract, allowing her to commit suicide, promising Cleopatra to take her son Caesarion, with her to Rome and train him as one of them.[5][6]

Roman era编辑

In 357, the Roman Emperor Constantius II had an obelisk built by Thutmose III in Karnak pilfered and transported to Alexandria. After remaining there for 40 years, Emperor Theodosius I transferred it to Constantinople.[7]

Islamic era编辑






  • The rich district houses have wall paintings that are actually characteristic of Roman wall painting.[10] The in game patterns resemble the ones found on the terrace houses of ancient Ephesus.




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