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Project Hydra is an Abstergo Industries initiative led by Laetitia England to train and 'program' Mike, also known as Subject 19, to become a future leader of the Templar Order.

Shortly after Mike's birth, his parents died in a traffic accident. Although he was clinically dead after the accident, Abstergo took care over Mike and 'genetically patched' him. Due to a set of mutations, Abstergo was not only able to revive the boy, but also to increase Mike's intellectual abilities significantly, with the aim to 'program' him as a future leader of the Templar Order.[1]

This being a long-term progress, Laetitia, alongside William McCoy, led another operation code-named "Project Horus". While Mike was being trained, he underwent multiple transplantations regarding his incredibly flexible DNA.[1]

However, threatened in her ambitions by the very existence of Mike, Laetitia England killed the boy by depriving his brain of oxygen.[2]

Just after leaving the laboratory, England was accosted by McCoy, who told her that he had been ordered by Alan Rikkin to inform her on the other aspects of Project Hydra. The Templar scientist then lead her to another part of the building, where six young girls having undergone the same medical processes as Mike were kept, but instead of functioning alone, the girls were all connected to the same device.[2]