“Recently, Abstergo Historical Research began several new projects in London [...] We think they're hot on the trail of a new Piece of Eden.”
―Bishop bringing the Initiate up to speed on Abstergo's activities, 2015.[来源]

In late 2015, having observed the rise of several new Templar projects in London, Bishop dispatched Shaun and Rebecca to infiltrate Isabelle Ardant's office to determine what new Piece of Eden Abstergo was searching for. She also reestablished contact with the Initiate, whom she tasked with exploring the genetic memories of Jacob and Evie Frye, twin Assassins who operated in London during the Victorian era.[1]

While the Initiate began reliving the Frye twins' memories, Shaun and Rebecca decided to wait for Ardant in her office and ambush her, to the consternation of Bishop, as that had not been the original plan. The scheme went awry when Ardant quickly summoned Master Templar Otso Berg and his associate Violet da Costa to apprehend the pair of Assassins. Luckily, Shaun and Rebecca managed to escape the office by detonating pre-planted explosives.[1]

Sometime after, Bishop checked in on Shaun and Rebecca, expressing her relief that they had gotten away unharmed. She also informed them that the Initiate's research had identified the artifact as a Shroud of Eden. At Shaun's mention that they would need support to potentially deal with Sigma Team, Bishop contacted Galina Voronina and had her sent to London.[1]

Later on, as night fell in London, Bishop talked to Shaun, asking him why he was pushing himself so hard. He explained that he was trying to live up to the example of an old friend who died saving the world, before he was surprised by the appearance of Galina. Reassured that her friends were safe, Bishop contacted the Initiate and stressed that they were relying on them to find the Shroud's location.[1]

The Initiate's research later confirmed that the Shroud was hidden underneath Buckingham Palace - after the Assassins got information regarding the visual lay-out, they attempted to retrieve it, but Violet managed to escape with the artifact during the battle that ensued. Bishop nonetheless thanked the Initiate for their efforts, promising that the Shroud would be recovered in time, and then sent them footage the Assassins had procured of Violet's arrival at Abstergo.[1]



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