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The Middle East, also known as the Near East, is a geographical region that roughly encompasses the western part of Asia and Egypt. It is bordered by the rest of Asia to the north and east, by Africa to the southwest, and by Europe to the northwest.

The Middle East roughly covers the area from Egypt to the western part of Turkey, and has its coastline to the west by the Mediterranean Sea and to the east by the Indian Ocean.

Since the dawn of recorded history, the region has been the home of various empires and kingdoms, some of which were, at times, influenced by the Templar Order. However, there were also numerous Assassin branches in operation around the area as well, keeping Templar ambitions in check. The EgyptianPersianLevantine, and Babylonian Assassins were all instrumental in toppling empires and eliminating Templar puppets across the region. 

Throughout its history, the Middle East has often been involved in several wars, fought over religious differences, the region's natural resources, or simply for its strategic value. Such wars include the third and fourth Crusades, a theater of World War II, and the ongoing War on Terror


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