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" I'm not a problem. I'm a Spartan you keep at home supervising farmers while I could be out in the world finding adventure. You give my brothers the chance to explore, why not me?"
―Zopheras to her mother Zita, 429 BCE[src]-[m]

Zopheras was a Spartan noblewoman and the daughter of Zita who lived during the 5th century BCE.


Kassandra: "An explorer, are you?"
Zopheras: "So you're the Eagle Bearer everyone's been talking about. I hope you live up to your reputation. I'm Zopheras."
―Zopheras first meeting with Kassandra, 429 BCE[src]-[m]

The only daughter of Zita, a Spartan noblewoman, with multiple brothers, Zopheras was headstrong and refused to do as her mother wished, desiring the same freedom she saw her brothers enjoying. This led to multiple clashes between the mother and the daughter, enough for the magistrate of Pitana, Xanthe, to ask the misthios Kassandra help them in 429 BCE.[1]

Zopheras and Zita were found by Kassandra outside the Temple of Athena Chalkioikos. As the situation was explained to her, she agreed to train Zopheras to behave as a Spartan woman should. First was a running race, although Zopheras was far from keen. After the running race, Kassandra suggested a horse race. Then Zopheras told Kassandra of a place with a nice view and so they trotted up to a nearby hill, spending some time alone enjoying the view.[2]


  • Zopheras can be romanced.




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