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Zhu Zhifan (died 1510) was a member of Ming dynasty's royal family who held the title Prince of Anhua and ruled an area located in the modern province of Shaanxi.


Ambitious, the prince plotted against the hedonist Zhengde Emperor, using the resentment caused by the new taxes ordered by Liu Jin, an ally of the Templars and the true master of the Empire, to initiate a rebellion by massacre of a group of officials in a banquet on 12 May 1510. Zhu requested reinforcements from regional commanders, only to be met by failure due to the loyalty of the imperial court to Liu Jin. He was then betrayed by his commanders, killing his last supporters and capturing him in his own court.[1]

Although his revolt was backed by the Assassins, who saw the opportunity to eradicate the rule of the Eight Tigers over the Empire, Zhu failed, was captured and was later forced to commit suicide.[1]



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