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Zhang Zhi (fl. 1259) was an initiate of the Chinese Brotherhood of Assassins during the Song dynasty and an ancestor of Owen Meyers. During her youth, Zhang Zhi was trained by her Assassin father, mastering skills such as Eagle Vision and freerunning.


One night in the summer of 1259, Zhang Zhi was in her home, practicing her Eagle Vision all the while, anxiously awaiting her Father's return as one of the commanders of the Chinese army fighting off the Mongols besieging the Diaoyu Fortress. Zhi's training was suddenly interrupted by a soldier who had orders to summon her. Fearing the worst, she was escorted to the Barracks in the outskirts of the Fishing Village, where she entered into an inner building where she found General Wang Jian, standing over her Father's cadaver. Overcome with emotion, she fell to her knees in anguish and began mourning over the loss of her father. General Wang Jian threw light upon her father's sacrifice, explaining that he died saving the fortress from a Mongol assault and labeled him a hero for his deeds.

Initiation into the Brotherhood

Zhi departed from the Barracks and returned to the Fishing Village, taking her father's Hidden Blade as a shrine to him. Upon reaching her home, Kang, her father's Mentor, had been waiting for her arrival. She acted hostile at first, but ultimately, agreed to listen to his proclamations. Kang offered her a place in the Brotherhood to fill in the gap that her father left behind with his death. Zhi hesitated, so Kang gave her time to think and departed into the night.

The next morning, Zhi readied herself to meet Kang outside his hut. Motivated by rage, she agreed to join and openly professed her desire to kill the Möngke Khan himself, marking the beginning of her "real training." On August 10, 1259 Kang oversaw her training, pushing her to be faster and stealthier through forest, until she had earned Kang's acknowledgement. After their training session, Zhi rested and Kang began a short-lived conversation, which concluded with Kang scheduling their next training session at sunrise, warning her to be punctual as she left home to get some sleep. However, Zhi overslept and was met with some scolding by the old mentor. In an act of defiance, Zhi stood her ground and lashed out against her mentor, declaring that it's up the herself to decide if she's ready to act against the Mongols. Kang advised her to consider his warnings that revenge had to come after duty. It all ended with Kang deciding to meet the next day for training, except that Zhi wasn't going to waste time any longer.

Assassinating Möngke Khan

That night, Zhi left her house and descended into the Feiyan Cave to follow the forbidden path out of the fortress in order to infiltrate the Mongol encampment located southeast from the fortress. She quickly free-ran through miles of forest, until finally reaching the first Mongolian round tents. As she transverse through the camp composed of thousands of large tents, she sneaked by many guards and managed to incapacitate two guards at the entrance of the Khan's luxurious tent, all without raising suspicion, but even then, she had to move even quicker before the bodies were discovered. Zhi silently moved through the entrance of the tent and the numerous guards inside. From on top of a perch, she found the Great Khan slumbering peacefully on his bed. From a distance, she heard the guards had discovered the bodies, forcing her to pounce on the Mongol warlord and lounged her father's Hidden Blade deep into his throat, avenging her father's death. After watching the Great Khan die before her eyes, Zhi made her way to the exit and put down two more guards, but this time her cover was blown. Mongol warriors charged with their swords drawn and others shot arrows at her, chasing her throughout the entire camp.

Confronting Bayan

She free-ran through miles of forest and escaped the horde of Mongols. Now, she was on her way back to the Fishing Village, but was suddenly struck down by an arrow from above that impaled her knee. She immediately stood up with her Hidden Blade wide out to face her attacker, Bayan, who came out from the trees. The Mongol demanded to know where she came from, but she stayed silent. In response to Bayan lunging at her, Zhi instantly shot him down with her poisonous Hidden Crossbow. Then, she stabbed his side to which Bayan reciprocated with a kick to the arrow protruding her knee, digging it even deeper into her knee. Under grievous pain, she got off of the Mongol officer and only allowed herself to collapse after Bayan had fled from the scene. Through sheer force of her will, Zhi suppressed most of her pain and dragged herself all the way back to the Fishing Village.

Upon arrival, she rested next to Kang's hut. Kang himself came out to find her apprentice laying on the ground, who shortly after fell unconscious. Nearly three days later, Zhi awoke with the arrow no longer protruding her knee and was greeted by Kang once again. Zhi happily told the mentor of what she just accomplished that night, but her joy all but vanished when she noticed that her father's Hidden Blade was missing from her hand. Kang informed her that she would never be formally inducted into the Brotherhood in view of how the bone on her knee was permanently injured from the arrow he removed, so he was forced to take the Hidden Blade away from her. He also added that even though she was no longer useful to them anymore, the Brotherhood will look after her and will honor her as a hero among the creed. Kang left shortly after, leaving the disheartened Zhi to grieve on her own.



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