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Zhang Damin, was a member of an upper class Chinese family known for his gambling and drinking habits. Zhang was also the abusive husband of Ruan Lingyu, an actress active in Shanghai during the early 20th century.


In 1927, Zhang was hired by Soong Ching-ling, an old friend of his family, to steal a box destined to Chiang Kai-shek. Zhang sent Ruan to distract and steal the package from the Templar carrying it, Darius Gift, and delivered it to Soong.[1]

Later, after Gift found the trace of Ruan, Zhang knocked him out, planning to sell the young Templar to Soong as he had already lost all the money from the box thief. However, Ruan, tired of his incessant abuses and smitten with Gift, betrayed Zhang and knocked him out as he was distracted by the riots in Shanghai. She then freed the British from the trunk of their car and fled with him.[1]



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