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Zenia (died 1964) was an Assassin who served as part of the Bloodstone Unit under Boris Pash. Through a relationship with Pash, Zenia was the mother of Nathalie Chapman.


As part of Bloodstone Unit

On 2 January 1963, Zenia and her unit boarded a helicopter from the Tân Hiệp US military base to pick up Pash north of Ấp Bắc. Despite Zenia's expert piloting skills, the cell was forced to perform an emergency landing when troops of the Viet Cong assaulted the helicopter. While Julia Gorm dispatched the soldiers outside, Zenia joined Alekseï Gavrani and the others in interrogating Cooper, a Templar who had infiltrated the US military.[1]

ACBs - Pash dismissing Aleksei

Zenia with Gavrani as he is dismissed

Later back at homebase, Zenia spent some time with Gavrani, who confided in her of his intolerance of Pash's methods of interrogation, since it made them no better than their enemies. Pash, overhearing this, dismissed Gavrani in front of Zenia and Julia.[1]


On 4 August 1964, near Vietnam, a heavily-wounded and pregnant Zenia was brought onboard the USS Maddox by William King Harvey, a CIA director and a high ranking Assassin who was in fact a Templar double agent. The doctor Warren Vidic was unable to save Zenia's life, but nevertheless managed to save her child, whom her father named Nathalia.[2]



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