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Yusuf Kijil

Yusuf's Turkish Kijil

Yusuf's Turkish Kijil was the personal weapon of Yusuf Tazim, an Assassin who led the Ottoman Brotherhood in the early 16th century. The kilij, the deadliest sword in the Ottoman Assassins' arsenal at the time, was given to the Mentor Ezio Auditore da Firenze after Ezio conducted a mission with one of his apprentices that had newly been promoted to the rank of Master Assassin.

Weapon statistics

Damage Speed Deflect Cost Availability
5 5 5 N/A Complete The Deacon, Part 1


  • Kijil is a misspelling of kilij, a type of Turkish scimitar.
  • On occasion, Janissaries can be seen wielding this weapon.



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