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"I will oppose the Order wherever it goes for what it did to my family!"
―Yuri Dolinksy[src]

Yuri Dolinsky (died 1927) was a Russian Templar who betrayed his Order.


Dolinsky abandoned the Order after his father was captured and killed by Nikolai Orelov and his fellow Assassins in 1908, blaming the Templars for his death.[1]

By 1927, Dolinsky supported the warlord Zhang Zongchang in his fight against the Templar-supported Chiang Kai-shek in the Zhejiang province of China. To accomplish this, he used the armored Templar-built train known as the Great Wall to transport White Russian troops to Zhang. Having learned of this, the Black Cross Albert Bolden set off a car bomb near the train and boarded it. As the troops set the train in reverse, the Black Cross engaged Dolinsky in combat, although the latter was a skilled duelist and gloated that the train could keep away foes in several directions.[1]

However, the Black Cross had already cut the tracks to the opposite direction, forcing the train to brake and thus throwing Dolinsky onto the floor. The Templar then killed him and cut a Templar cross into his flesh. Dolinsky's corpse was later found when Chiang's nationalist forces stormed the train.[1]



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