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Yu Dayong: "Zhang Yong will come for the box. He will avenge our deaths."
Shao Jun: "I am counting on it..."
―Yu Dayong's last words to Shao Jun, 1526.[src]

Yu Dayong (unknown – 1526), also known as The Slaver, was one of the Eight Tigers, a group of powerful Templar eunuchs that controlled the Chinese imperial court during the reign of the Zhengde and Jiajing Emperors of the Ming dynasty.


After Zhengde died in 1521, the Templars ensured Jiajing would succeed him as Emperor. They then appointed consorts, one of them being Yu Dayong, to control the new Emperor, allowing the Eight Tigers to rule in his stead.

Possessing an interest in trade and foreign languages, Yu Dayong would subsequently enforce the slave trade, selling opponents to the Portuguese and making huge profits, while also humiliating and exiling the enemies of the Templars. He later played a role in initiating the Great Rites Controversy, causing the Chinese Brotherhood to be almost entirely eradicated.

In 1526, fellow Tiger Gao Feng gave the Precursor box, a First Civilization artifact he had stolen from the Assassin Shao Jun, to Yu Dayong. Shortly thereafter, Gao Feng was killed, leading Yu Dayong to double patrols at his fortress in Macau. He was nevertheless assassinated there by Shao Jun, who took back the Precursor box from him.

Yu Dayong's body was discovered not long after by the Tiger Qiu Ju, who, in retaliation, ordered his men to arrest innocents and set the port of Macau ablaze.


  • While he bears the name "Yu Dayong" in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China, said name is actually an incorrect transliteration of the Chinese 谷大用. The correct name would be "Gu Dayong".



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