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Ysabel Lomelin was a Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood active during the Granada War. As a bibliophilic, her recruitment into the Brotherhood was inspired by her love for learning, an appreciation the Assassins shared.


Born into a merchant family in Valencia during the latter half of the 15th century, Ysabel was fascinated with antique books and spent many of her young days sneaking into ancient bookstores and monasteries in search of rare sources of knowledge. Her passion for knowledge attracted the interest of the Spanish Assassin María, who saw great potential in her and recruited her into the Brotherhood. Ysabel, enthusiastic about the prospect of uncovering the secrets behind the world and the mysteries of the Creed, accepted.[1]

Personality and traits

A bibliophile, Ysabel Lomelin's great thirst for knowledge manifested in her frequent intrusions into such places as monasteries and libraries. Uncovering the secrets of the world were to her like an adventure.[1] Accordingly, she was deeply devoted to learning, and this was a driving reason for her appreciation of the Assassin Brotherhood,[1] as its Creed promoted empiricism, diversity of thought, and intellectual freedom.[2][3][4]



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