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Yolande of Aragon (1384 – 1442) was a throne claimant and titular queen regnant of Aragon. Yolande played a crucial role in the struggles between France and England, influencing events such as the financing of Jeanne d'Arc's army in 1429 that helped tip the balance in favour of the French.

Secretly, Yolande was also the Mentor of the French Brotherhood of Assassins, using her influence over her dull son-in-law, the future King Charles VII of France, to prevent the Templars controlling England to take back France after the purge of the Templars a century before.


Looking for the Chosen One

After she heard about a prophecy mentioning a young woman sent by God to save France, Yolande tasked her Assassins throughout France to keep an eye open for any signs of such an individual. Queen Yolande planned to use this chosen one and her potential to inspire hope against the Templars and their English puppets, whether the prophecy was true or not.

Eventually in February 1429, Jean de Metz, an Assassin serving as a squire to the captain Robert de Baudricourt, met Jeanne d'Arc, a young girl claiming that she was chosen by God. After witnessing the young maid's tremendous potential, the Assassin came to believe that she was indeed the girl of the prophecy. After contacting his Mentor who ordered him to bring the girl back to the royal court, Jean helped Jeanne to convince his lord that the strange girl was indeed special and not crazy, so he would allow her to meet with the Dauphin Charles, heir to the crown of France.

Once there, Jeanne told the Prince that she had a message from God which was for him alone, and they went to his private chambers, away from his court. Thanks to a hidden passageway, Yolande followed them and used her Assassin's skills to climb on the rafters above the room and to listen them while hidden in the shadows. However, she was seen by Jeanne and Gabriel Laxart, Jeanne's cousin and closest confident, who through their latent Eagle Vision saw her as a glowing hooded figure whom they superstitiously mistook for an Angel of the Lord. Witnessing the potential of Jeanne and thus convinced that she was the one that she was looking for, Yolande seized the opportunity to manipulate Charles, who wasn't able to see the "Angel". Yolande whispered; "This is the sign. The Maid will make you King." and still unseen, retreated from the room.

Backing Jeanne d'Arc

Convinced that Jeanne was truly an envoy of God, who would help him be coronned at the English-held Reims, like all the French Kings before him, Charles decided to trust Jeanne and to give her the command of his armies. Jean de Metz then began to train Jeanne and Gabriel for the battles to come and during one of those training session, Gabriel let it slip that he too could see things, like Jeanne. After the young man refused to tell him more about his and Jeanne's abilities, to respect the promise he made to Jeanne, de Metz knocked him out and brought him to Yolande.


  • According to Simon Hathaway, by 2016, Queen Yolande is the only Monarch who was also an Assassin and a Mentor that Abstergo had any knowledge about.




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