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Yohanes Loukas (died 877), also known as The Oil, was an Anglo-Saxon member of the Wardens of Faith sect of the Order of the Ancients in England during the 9th century. Holding the title of Preost, Yohanes frequented the hamlet of Fearnhamme in Hamtunscire.


Upon joining the priesthood, Yohanes took up the cloth in order to bring respect towards his family. Nevertheless, while in the Church, he obsessed over the need of hierarchy and discipline. This idealism led him to join the Order. The manner of his loyalty was to meet with influential people, kill them, and then replace the empty positions with his own family.[1]

The Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir found a clue, which gave the title, The Oil, along her journey. From the clue, Eivor went on to search for the festival near Henge Farm, south of Stonehenge in Hamtunscire. Locating the festival, Eivor moved past the attending of the party and found the next clue on top of a table filled with goods and food. This clue showed Eivor to search the pig farm at Readingum Abbey in Hamtunscire. Coinciding with a raid, Eivor fought through the abbey's soldiers and discovered a barred well within the area. Going into the well, Eivor climbed down to the bottom and found the last clue. This clue revealed the location and true identity of The Oil: Yohanes Loukas. Eivor saw that Yohanes could be found in Fearnhamme's hamlet in Hamtunscire.[1]

Arriving in the town of Fearnhamme, Eivor found Yohanes walking about the city and checking on the town's daily routines. Thus, Eivor assassinated Yohanes and ended his presence within the town.


  • The first clue of this Order member can be found by either assassinating the The Adze or killing the Zealot Hrothgar.
  • Like The Anvil, Yohanes only cared about his family, rather than the tenets and beliefs of the Order.
  • Yohanes is one of only two Order members who are given a surname, with the other member being Gorm Kjotvesson.