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"Forgive my brash introduction, but I am an Assassin in training myself. I am strong, fast and... quite a hit with the ladies."
―Yerman trying to impress Ezio in order to be recruited, 1511.[src]
The pupil 3

Yerman with Ezio and Ela

Yerman Ragar was a member of the Ottoman Brotherhood of Assassins, living in Constantinople.


In 1511, Yerman met the Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood, Ezio Auditore, and claimed to be an Assassin in training. To humor him, Ezio agreed to Yerman's challenge of a race through the streets of Constantinople, in which Ezio emerged the victor.

Soon after, Yerman's girlfriend Ela approached them, at which Yerman boasted to her of his status. Ezio corrected him, but informed the two that Yerman's training would soon begin, at sunrise at the Galata headquarters.


  • Yerman is the only Assassin recruited by Ezio to be given a definite name, while other recruits have randomly generated ones, and are therefore not referred to by name.