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"Slay Guozhong, purge the lords!"
―slogan of the Yeluohe, 754[src]-[m]

The Yeluohe (曳落河) was a branch of the Order of the Ancients in China founded by jiedushi An Lushan as a splinter faction from the Golden Turtles.[1]


In 754, An Lushan, the member of Golden Turtles, returned to Chang'an on the day of the Flower Banquet. Elated at his appearance, the Emperor immediately gifted Lushan with the new position Left Deputy to the Secretary of State Affairs (尚書左僕射) as a nominal title, along with a thousand households, ten rooms of servants, a manor, and an additional residence. An Lushan continued to ask for rewards, including appointment to the position of Commissary Herdsman of the Imperial Stables (廄群牧使) and for those officers who had confirmed kills to be elevated to the rank of guard captains (中郎將).[1]

In 755, because of the hopelessness of becoming the leader of the Golden Turtles and his deep personal enmity with Yang Guozhong, he returned to Fanyang, summoned his subordinates and denounced Yang Guozhong for his corruption. He falsely claimed to have received a secret decree from Emperor Xuanzong of Tang to terminate Yang Guozhong. After that, he rechristened his 8,000 elite force of Golden Turtles as Yeluohe. Shi Siming guarded Fanyang Commandery while he marched off in rebellion against the Tang dynasty.[1]