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"I am Yakone, the Inuit. The whale you have killed... was terrorizing my people. You have liberated us. And now you will have my help until my last breath."
―Yakone to Alonzo Batilla, 1716.[src]
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Yakone was an old Inuit fisherwoman, and later a member of the pirate Alonzo Batilla's crew.


Joining Batilla's crew

In December 1716, Alonzo traveled to the Arctic Ocean with the intent of killing a legendary white whale. After being struck by harpoons four times, the whale fled. At this moment, Yakone appeared, instructing the pirate to follow her in order to find the whale again. Eventually, Alonzo was confronted by the pirate hunter Alvaro, who had come to kill him.[1]

Alonzo defeated Alvaro by sinking his ship and returned to Yakone. Shortly after, the whale appeared again. Landing four harpoon strikes, Alonzo finally killed the whale. Grateful for the death of the whale, Yakone revealed that it had been terrorizing her community. She then swore an oath to serve the pirate unto her death. Among the crew, Yakone took charge of the intendancy, allowing the ship to carry more supplies.[1]

Plunder in the North

Alonzo: "What is happening here? What are those French ships doing so far North?"
Yakone: "They are plundering our villages! Their King's greed will be the doom of my people!"
―Yakone to her captain, upon witnessing the plundering of Inuit villages.

In March 1717, Alonzo and his crew once again sailed to the Arctic to an Inuit settlement in the area and discovered that it was surrounded by a French fleet. Yakone became furious when she realized the village was being plundered by the French, so she asked her captain to do something about it.[2]

Alonzo decided to attack the French fleet, after which its admiral fled. Alonzo tried to pursue the admiral through the ice maze, but eventually lost sight of the ship. After a search through the giant ice cave, Alonzo and Yakone found the admiral. However, Yakone noticed that a third ship arrived and the pirate hunter Alvaro once again appeared. Alonzo battled both ships, killing Alvaro and the admiral in the process and sinking both of the vessels, much to the gratitude of Yakone.[2]



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