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Xarios was an Isu who lived in Atlantis.


In a simulation created by Aletheia, Xarios was acquainted with the Isu scientists Aita and Juno, aiding them in their Olympos Project exercise. As such. he often abducted humans to an experimentation chamber near the Garden of Kymopoleia.[1]

At one point, Xarios befriended the humans Rhene and Damades, with the intention of abducting them for the exercise, which he succeeded. However, their child Alkon enlisted the aid of the Dikastes Kassandra, who investigated their disappearances and were able to track down Xarios to the Fortified Doma of Mneseas. Kassandra eliminated the Isu and recovered a fragment of the key to Aita and Juno's experimentation chamber.[1]



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