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X Marks the Spot was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


On collecting all of the Codex pages in Italy and having them decoded by Leonardo da Vinci, Ezio met with his uncle Mario Auditore and the other Assassins at the Villa Auditore to find the vault.


X marks 1

Ezio placing the Apple on the pedestal

Ezio and the other Assassins gathered in Mario's study.

  • Mario: Ezio!
  • Ezio: It is time, uncle. Let us finish what you and my father started all those years ago...
  • Mario: Indeed. Perhaps now we can finally make sense of this prophecy – and put a stop to whatever it is the Spaniard is plotting.
  • Ezio: We should start by locating the Vault. The Codex pages will lead us to it. Let's take a look.

Ezio placed the Apple of Eden on the pedestal in front of the Codex pages and assembled the map, causing the Apple to activate.

  • Ezio: It... It is a map of the entire world... But... there are lands shown here that do not exist...
  • Machiavelli: Apparently they do exist. I imagine they've yet to be discovered. Or rediscovered...
  • Ezio: How is this possible?
  • Machiavelli: Perhaps the Vault will hold the answer.
  • Paola: Do you see where it is then?
  • Ezio: No! It can't be! The Vault... It looks like the Vault is in Roma. Then the Spaniard... This is why he became Pope!
  • Mario: Now I understand! It's not the Vault alone he's gained access to – but the staff as well!
X marks 3

The Assassins gazing at the Codex wall

  • Teodora: What staff?
  • Mario: The Codex always spoke of two keys... two Pieces of Eden needed to open the Vault. One is the Apple...
  • Ezio: And the other is the staff... The Papal Staff is the second Piece of Eden.
  • Mario: For years... No, decades... We have sought these answers.
  • Paola: And now, at last, we have them...
  • Antonio: But so too could the Spaniard... And if he does... if he finds a way into the Vault... Its contents will make the Apple seem a trifling thing.
  • Ezio: I must go to Roma and find the Vault. What of the rest of you?
  • Bartolomeo: We'll do what we do best, cause some trouble in the city, giving you the freedom to conduct your search.
  • Mario: Just let me know when you are ready, nipote (nephew).


The Assassins discovered the location of the Vatican Vault, and Ezio went to Rome to assassinate Rodrigo Borgia.


  • The "undiscovered lands" that Ezio and Machiavelli discussed were the Americas, which had unknowingly been rediscovered in 1492 through Christoffa Corombo's voyage, whom Ezio had met years earlier.



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