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"To surrender? I've been entrusted with the affairs of the town, and I do not intend to bow to the demands of a pirate, no matter how fierce his reputation."
―Wyatt refusing to accept Edward Thatch's demands, 1718.[src]
The Siege of Charles-Towne 7

Wyatt's final moments

Wyatt (died 28 May 1718) was the governor of the British colony of Charles-Towne, until his death in 1718.


During his tenure as the governor of Charles-Towne, Wyatt was asked by the pirate Edward Thatch for medicines for syphilis and scurvy, diseases which severely affected the inhabitants of Nassau. However, he refused to accommodate Thatch's request, prompting the pirate to capture several residents of the colony and blockade it for a week.[1]

Still, Wyatt refused to give medicines to Thatch, causing his associate, Edward Kenway, to infiltrate Charles-Towne aboard his ship, the Jackdaw, following three soldiers who were due to meet Wyatt. While Kenway tailed the governor, the guards spotted the Jackdaw near to the town, raising an alarm and revealing Edward's presence. In response, a frightened Wyatt began to run to his mansion, though he was chased down and killed by Kenway, allowing the pirate to retrieve a supply key from his body and take the medicines.[1]



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