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"My... my sword is lost. Floating down a creek. I shall follow. Till I dance again, or drown."
―Wuffa's final moments with Eivor Varinsdottir, 870s.[src]-[m]

Wuffa (died 870s), also known as Death-Boon, was a Zealot of the Order of the Ancients who operated in England during the 9th century.


Nothing is known about Wuffa's childhood. Agile and callous, Wuffa took pleasure in watching her victims suffer. She only wounded them to the point of having them feel and succumb to a slow, painful death. She was even quoted to say, "I enjoy watching them bleed to death. You have to savor the moment." Her sadistic tendencies made her ripe pickings for the Order to induct her into the Zealots. Within the Order, Wuffa became a great and loyal drinking buddy to the Order member, The Ash-Spear.[1]

In her rounds, Wuffa patrolled the area along the roads of East Anglia. It was during one such patrol that she was targeted and then killed by the Viking Eivor Varinsdottir, who was allied with the Hidden Ones. Afterwards, Eivor received a clue among Wuffa's personal effects. The clue, mentioning the title, The Ash-Spear, detailed that Eivor needed to investigate a tall Roman tower northeast of Northwic in East Anglia to determine The Ash-Spear's identity.[1]


  • Like other Zealots, Wuffa had unique fighting methods and gadgets in his weaponry. Upon Eivor's instigation, Wuffa wielded with a long spear and carried ignition materials for her spear to be on fire.
  • For The Ash-Spear, Wuffa has the same clue as The Lathe, whom Eivor assassinated along her journey.
  • Wuffa is one of few female Zealots, along with Eorforwine and Kendall.