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Workers' Lament was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek offers to help Nito, an overseer of Letopolis, by checking on her workers.


Bayek found a woman carrying a heavy load in the Temple of Horus.

  • Bayek: Here, let me help you with that.
  • Nito: What, you think me helpless?
  • Bayek: I am surprised to see a woman in your condition working so hard. The arrival of a child is a blessed event.
  • Nito: I am no delicate lily.
  • Bayek: Oh, are you in pain?
  • Nito: Bah, my little bean is just making herself known.
    My workers are so slow! I need to run over and check on them.
  • Bayek: Allow me, nebet.

Bayek went to look for the workers in the temple complex. He discovered one of the workers in the well, standing outside a tunnel entrance.

ACO - Worker's Lament 02

Bayek approaches the dry well.

  • Man: Baba! Ipuy! Can you hear me? Baba! Ipuy!
  • Ipuy: I am here!
  • Man: Are you okay?
  • Ipuy: My leg is hurt. I don't know how bad.
  • Man: And Baba?
  • Ipuy: I don't know. I can't see him. Get help!
  • Man: Please! Help! Quickly!

Bayek climbed down the well and approached the worker.

  • Bayek: What happened?
  • Man: The tunnel collapsed! Baba and Ipuy are trapped inside!
  • Bayek: How can I help?
  • Man: Are you strong enough to clear the way? See if you can bring them out. Please, neb, they are my brothers.
  • Bayek: Stay here. I will do what I can.

Bayek ventured into the well and discovered a door blocking the entrance to the tunnel.

  • Bayek: I'm going to have to force a way through.

He destroyed the wooden door and made his way into the tunnel. He found Ipuy laying on the floor.

ACO - Worker's Lament 03

Bayek carrying Ipuy out.

  • Bayek: Hey there, are you hurt?
  • Ipuy: Argh! I twisted my ankle! my brother Baba was working further in. The tunnel collapsed. I don't know if he's alive.
  • Bayek: I will get you out first, then find him.
  • Ipuy: Careful! I think I heard a hissing sound nearby!

Bayek carried Ipuy out of the tunnels to the worker outside the well.

  • Man: Ipuy! I will help him from here!
  • Ipuy: You need to go back and find Baba! hurry! He might be hurt, or worse!
  • Bayek: Take care of him. I will find your last brother.
  • Man: Thank you, neb!

Bayek returned to the tunnel. He passed through a small crack in the wall. He discovered snakes in the tunnels leading into a bigger chamber and killed them.

ACO - Worker's Lament 04

Snakes resting in the tunnel.

  • Bayek: Peace, Wadjet. Forgive me for killing your green ones. There is no other way through.

He discovered Baba sitting in a chair.

  • Bayek: Are you hurt?
  • Baba: No, I managed to squeeze in here just before it collapsed. I had no idea this was here. We were digging to reach the river...
  • Bayek: That place was probably part of the old temple... Do you need help getting out of here?
  • Baba: I am fine. I am going to meet with my brothers and take a break.
  • Bayek: What is this place?

Bayek discovered a hidden entrance and exited the tunnels back to the temple. He returned to Nito.

ACO - Worker's Lament 06

Bayek reporting back to Nito.

  • Bayek: Chief Nito, the well tunnel partially collapsed, but I was able to help the workers.
  • Nito: My little bean and I are so fortunate you passed by when you did, Medjay. May the gods bless you a thousand times for your efforts!
  • Bayek: Take care of yourself. May the gods bless your little one.


Bayek was able to Nito look for her workers. He managed to help them escape danger from the collapsed tunnels beneath the temple.



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