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This article is about the Assassin's Creed II memory. You may be looking for the memory of a similar name from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Knowing that the Pazzi had planned something involving the Medici, beginning at the Duomo, Ezio Auditore set out to stop them.


Ezio arrived at the Duomo, where he waited for the Pazzi to reveal themselves.

  • Ezio: There's Lorenzo, and his wife.
    There's Giuliano, Lorenzo's brother. But where is Francesco...?

Francesco de' Pazzi and Bernardo Baroncelli broke from the crowd and charged at Giuliano.

  • Ezio: There he is. Time to strike.
WiSC 5

Francesco motioning Bernardo to strike

Bernardo Baroncelli went to make the first attack.

  • Bernardo: Crepa, traditore! (Here, traitor!)

Bernardo slashed Guiliano's throat, who fell and tried to escape, but was held back by Francesco. Alerted to the commotion, Lorenzo turned to look on.

  • Lorenzo: Giuliano! No–!

While he was distracted, Stefano da Bagnone stabbed Lorenzo in the back. As Lorenzo fell to the ground, rendered helpless, Francesco and Baroncelli continued their assault on Giuliano, while the noble pleaded for his life.

  • Giuliano: No! In nome di Dio, vi scongiuro! Pietà! (No! In the name of God, I beg you, mercy!)

Bernado Baroncelli, Stefano da Bagnone and Antonio Maffei fled when Lorenzo made his stand, however, Francesco de Pazzi continued to stab Giuliano repeatedly.

  • Francesco: Nessuna pìetà, cane maledetto! Muori! Muori! Muoriii! (No mercy for you, dog! Die! DIE!)

After killing Giuliano, Francesco charged towards Lorenzo.

WiSC 10

Francesco attacking Lorenzo

  • Francesco: Your day is done, Lorenzo! Your entire family dies by my sword!

Francesco and his guards surrounded Lorenzo, though Ezio intervened, killing most of them before confronting Francesco, who was unable to match Ezio in combat and retreated. Following this, more of the Pazzi guards surrounded Lorenzo.

  • Lorenzo: Wait... Please. I need help.

Ezio eliminated the remaining guards.

  • Lorenzo: You... saved my life.
  • Ezio: It's nothing. But the man who did this to you has to pay!
  • Lorenzo: Not now... I need help first. To my home. People I can trust there... Can you...?

Ezio agreed to escort Lorenzo to his home.

  • Lorenzo: I'm losing a lot of blood...
  • Ezio: Hang on, Signore! I'm moving as fast as I can.

The pair passed through many Pazzi and Medici guards fighting in small groups.

  • Lorenzo: Francesco de' Pazzi! I'll kill him! I'll wipe his entire family from the city! They'll be ERASED!
  • Ezio: Quietatevi, Signore. (Be still, sir.) Conserve your energy, or I'll be delivering a corpse. We're almost there now...

Ezio and Lorenzo reached the back entrance of the Palazzo Medici, where Ezio knocked on the door.

  • Ezio: Lorenzo's been wounded! Aprite la porta! (Open the door!)
  • Poliziano: What's the password?
  • Lorenzo: Poliziano! Open the maledetta porta!! (fucking door!)

On seeing Lorenzo, Poliziano opened the door.

  • Poliziano: By the Thrice Greatest! Come in. Quickly! The city is at war! Hurry!
WiSC 15

Lorenzo requesting Ezio's aid

Ezio and Lorenzo entered the palazzo, to which Lorenzo sat on a bench nearby and Ezio turned to leave.

  • Lorenzo: Wait..
    I am in your debt. Tell me. Why did you help me?
  • Ezio: You are not the only one who lost a brother to the Pazzi. My name is Ezio Auditore.
  • Lorenzo: Ah! You're Giovanni's son... Your father was a good man. He understood honor, loyalty.

A guard rushed in.

  • Guard: The Pazzi thugs are storming the Palazzo della Signoria! We can't hold them off much longer–
  • Poliziano: No! If they get inside, they'll murder all our supporters and put their own devils in power!
  • Lorenzo: Then my survival would mean nothing. I have to...

Lorenzo tried to get up, but on realizing that he was too weak to do so, the Medici noble requested Ezio to fulfill the task for him.

  • Lorenzo: Francesco de' Pazzi... Help save our city, Auditore... Kill him.


As a result of the Pazzi conspirators' attack, Lorenzo de' Medici lost his brother Guiliano. Upon Lorenzo returning to his palazzo wounded, and on learning that Ezio was Giovanni Auditore's son, Lorenzo requested his aid in enacting vengeance on Francesco de' Pazzi.



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