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The Wolf Clan, also known as the Wulfings,[1] was a Norse clan that inhabited the area around Agder and Rygjafylke in Norway during the 9th century.

Led by Kjotve the Cruel, the Wolf Clan was originally a minor clan of no great significance but Kjotve's violent ways soon attracted the attention of the Order of the Ancients, who believed his mannerisms could further their goals. After joining the Order, Kjotve used the Order's resources to expand his territory by having his clansmen regularly raid settlements owned by the neighboring Raven Clan, a practice which quickly turned into a bitter blood-feud between the two groups.


Early history

Led by jarl Kjotve from at least the mid-9th century, the Wolf Clan originated from and controlled the area that roughly correspond to the modern-day county of Agder.[2] alongside a host of other clans. The Wolf Clan soon expanded westwards into what Rygjafylke, contesting for control of the kingdom against the Raven Clan, led by jarl Styrbjorn Sigvaldisson. The clan soon entered into a bitter rivalry against Raven Clan, and the minor village of Heillboer, home to the family of Eivor Varinsdottir and her parents, Varin and Rosta.[3]

It was during this turbulent time that Kjotve quickly made a name for himself through his brutal tendencies in battle, and his reputation soon grew large enough that the Order of the Ancients took notice. Believing Kjotve could be an asset, the Order began backing him from a distance by quietly eliminating dissenting voices until he claimed uncontested leadership of the Wolf Clan.[4]

Fued against the Raven Clan

In 858,[5] Kjotve led his clan to launch a raid on the village of Heillboer, which was holding a feast and pledging their alliegance to jarl Styrbjorn. Many of Heillboer's villagers were slaughtered in the raid and Varin, seeking to save what remained of his village, volunteered his life in exchange for his village's safety, a deal with Kjotve promised After Varin's execution followed by Rosta's death shortly after, Kjotve and the Wolf Clan went back on said promised and proceeded to burn what remained of the village.[6] Varin's and Rosta's daughter Eivor survived the massacre and was adopted into Styrbjorn's household, and vowed revenge against Kjotve and the Wolf Clan for her parent's death.[3]

Over the years, the Wolf Clan and Raven Clan continued their rivalry, launching raids and attacks against each other and the villages that they eached controlled.[3] This changed in 872 when Eivor, aided by her adopted brother Sigurd Styrbjornsson and the Hidden Ones Basim and Hytham, led the Raven Clan in an assault on Kjotve's fortress with the support of King Harald's armies.

After Kjotve was killed by Eivor in a holmgang, his son Gorm refused to surrender, leading the Wolf Clan in the last defense against the Raven Clan. As the Wolf Clan members fell to the invaders, Gorm managed to escape with his life and regrouped with what was left of his clan in Hordafylke.[7]

Final activities in Vinland

Later that year, Gorm and his clan travelled to Alrekstad to attend an althing called by King Harald, a contender for the kingship of a united Norway. During the event, Gorm appealed to King Harald, accusing the Raven Clan of dishonoring his clan and poisoning his father. However, this was proven false given the presence of Harald's uncle Guthorm during the assault on the fortress. As a consequence, Gorm was subsequently exiled from Norway, and was ordered to leave the lands by next moon, with the Wolf Clan following suit.[8]

Following this events, Gorm acquired his father's membership within the Order of the Ancients, with him and the Wolf Clan working on their behalf to expand their influence. In the next few years, Gorm moved up the ranks within the Order, becoming Maegester and leading the Wardens of War sect. Circa 875, Gorm was given a Crystal Ball by the Order and was ordered to uncover the mystery behind the Isu relic, sending him to Vinland in North America. What remained of the Wolf Clan followed Gorm to Vinland, establishing camps across the region and using common Norsefolks to conduct their excavations.[9]

Eventually, Gorm and the clan's activities caught the attention of Eivor, who managed to uncover these details from Hytham back in England. Eivor was able to secure transport to Vinland, and worked her way to locate more clues, uncovering Gorm's location in Narfljot Camp. Gorm was then assassinated by Eivor, and the crystall ball in his possession was relinquished to her. With his death, the Order's activities were halted, and the Wolf Clan, left without leadership, was presumbly disbanded.[9]


Behind the scenes

Although one of the Wolf Clan enemy archetypes in the Helix Rift Event The Ravens' Wound from Assassin's Creed: Rebellion is listed as an Elite Dual Wielder, no standard Dual Wielder appears which could have been promoted to an Elite rank. Additionally, despite its name, the Elite Dual Wielder only uses a single bearded axe in combat.




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