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The Wolf Clan, also known as the Wulfings,[2] was a group of Vikings led by Kjotve the Cruel. Originally a minor clan of no great significance, Kjotve's violent ways soon attracted the attention of the Order of the Ancients, who believed his mannerisms could further their goals. After joining the Order, Kjotve used the Order's resources to expand his territory by having his clansmen regularly raid settlements owned by the neighboring Raven Clan, a practice which quickly turned into a bitter blood-feud between the two groups.


Formed sometime during the 9th century, the Wolf Clan began as a small collection of Norsemen who lived in the petty kingdom of Agder[3] alongside a host of other clans. Norway's population soon devolved into fighting amongst each other for what limited resources were available, making survival exceedingly difficult for all involved or unlucky enough to be caught in the middle.[4]

It was during this turbulent time that Kjotve quickly made a name for himself through his brutal tendencies in battle, and his reputation soon grew large enough that the Order of the Ancients took notice. Believing Kjotve could be an asset, the Order began backing him from a distance by quietly eliminating dissenting voices until he claimed uncontested leadership of the Wolf Clan.[5]

In 872 CE, the shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir lead the Raven Clan in an assault on Kjotve's fortress with the support of her adopted brother Sigurd Styrbjornsson and their new allies, the Hidden Ones Basim Ibn Ishaq and Hytham. Eivor killed Kjotve in a holmgang,[6] avenging the murder of her father Varin twenty years earlier,[7] but could not capture Gorm Kjotvesson, Kjotve's eldest son and the Wolf Clan's de facto leader following his father's death.[6]

Gorm fled to Alrekstad to attend an althing called by Harald Fairhair, a contender for the kingship of a united Norway, but was exiled for bearing false witness regarding details of Kjotve's end.[8] One year later, Eivor successfully tracked Gorm to Narfljot Camp in Vinland and killed him.[1] As Gorm had not named a successor or sired an heir who was of age to take command, the position of leader fell into limbo and the Wolf Clan splintered into whatever smaller factions still survived due to having been absent during the fortress assault.[4]


Behind the scenes

Although one of the Wolf Clan enemy archetypes in the Helix Rift Event The Ravens' Wound from Assassin's Creed: Rebellion is listed as an Elite Dual Wielder, no standard Dual Wielder appears which could have been promoted to an Elite rank. Additionally, despite its name, the Elite Dual Wielder only uses a single bearded axe in combat.




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