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With Friends Like These was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


With almost every Pazzi conspirator dead, Ezio Auditore set out to find Jacopo de' Pazzi, who was hiding in San Gimignano.


Ezio found Jacopo leaving a church.

  • Ezio: If I can stay my blade long enough to follow him, he'll lead me to his Templar brothers. I'll have more names for my list...

Ezio followed Jacopo through the streets.

  • Ezio: What's going on here? Are they late? They haven't seen me, this much I know...
    What are you and the others planning, Jacopo?
    Your letter mentioned Venezia... are there Templars there as well? How many men are responsible for my father's death?

Jacopo arrived at an ancient Roman theater, close to the city. Rodrigo Borgia and Emilio Barbarigo were located there, waiting for him.

With Friends 2 v

Jacopo trying to reason with Rodrigo

  • Jacopo: I am sorry, Maestro (Master). I did all I could, but the Assassin proved too strong.
  • Rodrigo: Clearly. Else the others would be here with you. To say nothing of that fact that Firenze remains in Medici hands...
  • Jacopo: It's Francesco's fault! His impatience made him reckless! I tried to be the voice of reason...
  • Emilio: More like the voice of cowardice.
  • Jacopo: You're one to talk, Signor Barbarigo. Had you sent us quality weapons instead of this garbage you Venetians call ar–
  • Rodrigo: Enough! We put our faith in your family and you repay us with inaction and incompetence?! Then when asked to account for your failures, you make excuses and insult us?! How do you expect me to respond?
  • Jacopo: I don't know...
  • Rodrigo: It's alright. I do...

Rodrigo drew a blade and stabbed Jacopo.

  • Jacopo: No... please... don't...

Emilio chuckled.

  • Emilio: Please don't what?

Emilio then pushed Jacopo to the ground.

  • Jacopo: I can... fix this. Only... spare me...
  • Rodrigo: No.

Rodrigo drew his sword and stabbed Jacopo again, nearly killing him.

With Friends 10 v

Borgia guards capturing Ezio

  • Rodrigo: What a mess.

Rodrigo spoke out loudly, aiming his comment at Ezio.

  • Rodrigo: So sorry to have claimed your prize, Assassin!

A pair of guards grabbed Ezio and brought him forth.

  • Rodrigo: Did you honestly think I wouldn't expect you to follow? That I didn't plan for it? We've been at this a lot longer than you.

Rodrigo addressed his guards.

  • Rodrigo: Kill him.

Rodrigo and Emilio then departed, leaving Ezio to the guards.

  • Ezio: I know you're only doing as you're told, so if you release me, I will spare your lives.
  • Guard: Ha! Listen to this– Ahhhh!

Ezio extended his Hidden Blade, and quickly thrust his wrist outwards to stab the first guard through the throat, before stabbing the other guard restraining him in the chest. The remaining guards then engaged Ezio, but he quickly dispatched them. Following this, he then turned his attention towards the dying Jacopo and finished him.

  • Ezio: Vai, amico, libero da fardelli e paure. (Go forward friend, unburdened and unafraid.) Requiescat in pace. (Rest in peace).


All of the Pazzi conspirators had been killed, and Ezio added Emilio Barbarigo to his list of targets.


  • Should Ezio fail the prompt given when the guards grabbed him, he would just shake them off, though they would get up and fight him.
  • The name of this memory came from the idiom "With friends like these, who needs enemies?"
  • For some reason, the Brutes and Seekers that fight Ezio at the end of the memory have the colors of Venice, despite serving Rodrigo Borgia.



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