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With Arms Open was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


Our forgery had some unforeseen consequences. We have kept Montferrat within Acre's walls, but he has mobilized a troupe of soldiers to patrol the roads. Their path will lead them straight to Altaïr!

We need to move quickly to track this knight and his soldiers. They cannot be allowed to leave the city.

We will hunt them in the streets and eliminate them one by one until Altaïr's path into Acre is clear.


The Levantine Assassins met inside Acre Citadel.

  • Levantine Assassin 1: The Templars took the bait, but they've also increased patrols outside the city.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: There is a risk that brother Altaïr could be spotted or even caught.
  • Levantine Assassin 3: There is a patrol leaving soon. We should slay them to give Altaïr an opening.

The Levantine Assassins made their way through the city and killed the members of the Crusader patrol and the commanding officer, a Templar knight.

ACReb Altaïr came out of the stack

Altaïr emerging from a haystack

  • Levantine Assassin 3: Altaïr's path into the city is now clear. Now we must see how we can clear his path to Montferrat, without him noticing us.

As the Levantine Assassins left, Altaïr entered the city by performing a Leap of Faith from the city walls before running off on the rooftops.


The Levantine Assassins eliminated the Templar patrol, ensuring Altaïr's safety in his mission.


  • Despite 100% synchronization requiring that both treasure chests be unlocked, this feat is impossible in-game as there is no way to access the second chest. The first chest is on a scaffold on a wall, with the Assassins exiting on the battlement and being unable to descend, while the second chest is in an underground store room which is only accessible from the ground level.


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