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Winchester (Old English: Wincestre) is a city and the county town of Hampshire, England. The city served as the capital of Wessex during the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy.


Roman period

Winchester was settled by the Roman Empire in the 70 CE as Venta Belgarum, named after a local Gaulish tribe named the Belgares. The settlement quickly became a hub for industry, education, and culture. Their pagan religion eventually transformed to Catholicism.[1]

In 306 CE during the reign of Emperor Constantine I, christian worshippers came under frequent attack from Belgae warriors. Hidden One Beatha was dispatched from the Venta Belgarum bureau to locate Constantine and deliver a message to secure protection for the worshippers.[2]

Around 383, Magnus Maximus left for Gaul with most of his troops in a bit to usurp Gratian, ending formal Roman presence in north and west Britannia. As local populations began to grow hostile towards the Hidden Ones, Marcellus ordered the evacuation of the bureau in Venta Belgarum, requesting relocation to Londinium and Camulodunum.[2]

Medieval period

The outskirts of Venta Belgarum were eventually settled by the Saxons, who farmed outside its crumbling walls. They named the land Venta Caester, which in time corrupted into Wincestre.[3]



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