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William Molineux (c. 1717 – 22 October 1774) was a British-born merchant and important Patriot revolutionary shortly before the American Revolutionary War. Molineux supported the Patriot cause, which was unusual as many British-born colonists were Loyalists. He was also Anglican, a typically Loyalist Christian denomination.


On 6 November 1773, William Molineux met with Samuel Adams, Stephane Chapheau, and the Assassin Connor in his tavern. They decided that something had to be done about the British tax collectors in the city, as well as William Johnson's smuggling of tea. They sent Connor out to deal with both issues.[1]

On 16 December, Connor met with Molineux again, this time outside the Old South Meeting House, where they were joined by Adams and Chapheau. They then went to Griffin's Wharf, where Paul Revere joined them as well. Together, they boarded to British ships that lay in Boston Harbor and started throwing crates of tea overboard, which would later be known as the Boston Tea Party.[2]

William Molineux died in 1774, shortly before the start of the American Revolutionary War.[3]




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