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The Altaïr II docked near the bunker

William Miles' bunker is a personal hideout, located near Tromsø, Norway. It includes an interrogation room, dubbed the White Room, and its own naval dock. William Miles, Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings have been known to inhabit the bunker since 2013.

On 1 May 2014, the crew of the Altaïr II traveled to the bunker and rediscovered William, who had gone into hiding following the 2012 coronal mass ejection and the death of his son, Desmond. While there, the spies for the Initiates among the Altaïr II's crew secretly planted bugs to record any conversations within.[1]

After the crew's arrival, Gavin Banks and William argued about the latter's lack of contact with the Assassins, and Gavin gave William's book back to him.[2] Soon after, Rebecca discovered traces of the spy, which led to William interviewing each member of the crew of the Altaïr II individually, in order to discover the spy's identity.[3] William tricked Eric Cooper and Stephanie Chiu into revealing they were the spies, but he chose to spare them as he saw the Initiates as a potential ally.[4]


  • The term "White Room" is commonly associated with the Animus, being the empty space in which the environment is created.
    • Upon discovery of the spy's presence within the Altaïr II crew and the subsequent need for interrogation, William coyly admitted to Gavin that he had dubbed the room as such in reference to the Animus.



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