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Wild Ride was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek seeks out Nikias, a young racer, to meet the patron of the Green team and learn about racing.


Bayek travelled to the Zephyros Stables, where Nikias was waiting. Bayek approached him.

  • Nikias: Bayek? I did not expect to see you here!
  • Bayek: Quite the estate.
  • Nikias: Yes, we've been lucky. Father breeds horses, and his horses have often won in the games. I told him about meeting you.
  • Bayek: You told him what?
  • Nikias: Not much. That you are a rider. That you know Claridas well.
  • Bayek: Too well, by half.
  • Nikias: Come! He would love to meet you.
ACO Wild Ride - Nikias Introducing Bayek

Nikias introducing Bayek to his father

Nikias led Bayek to meet his father, Philocrates, who was checking out a horse.

  • Philocrates: Beautiful, isn't she?
  • Bayek: Bright eyes, flawless gait. She wants to win.
  • Philocrates: You know a thing or two about horses. Nikias, who is your friend?
  • Nikias: Father, this is Bayek. He once raced with Claridas. My father, Philocrates of Kanopos, son of Themistocles of Kanopos.
  • Philocrates: Grew up with Claridas? Let's see you drive, Barek. Nikias, keep close. Maybe you'll learn something.
  • Bayek: It's Ba—Fine.

Bayek and Nikias walked to a chariot.

  • Nikias: Does Siwa have a great course for racing?
  • Bayek: No, we are a small village. We did have chariots. The old kingdom and its Pharaohs brought them.
  • Nikias: I envy that freedom.
ACO Wild Ride - Bayek and Nikias Chariot

Bayek and Nikias on a chariot

They hopped onto the chariot. Bayek took the chariot for a ride around Kanopos.

  • Nikias: When was the last time you raced Claridas?
  • Bayek: A long while. I barely know the name.
  • Nikas: Careful! Tighter on the reins! Watch the statuary!
    Icarus was the true master of the races. Something Claridas hopes to aspire to. My father loved Icarus. He was his favourite ch- his favorite rider.
    Let's show my father your natural skill!
    You have a light touch!
    You are a natural!
    With you riding for the Green, I'm sure we can win in the Hippodrome!
    Faster, Bayek, faster!
    Such speed!

Bayek and Nikias returned to the stables, where a crowd of Prasina Green members had gathered on the yard.

  • Nikias: What's going on? Something's wrong!
ACO Wild Ride - Learning The Horse Theft

Bayek and Nikias learning of the horse theft

They disembarked from the chariot and approached the men Philocrates was yelling at.

  • Nikias: Father! Hurry, Bayek!
  • Philocrates: You fools! You let them steal Saganaki!
  • Man: Sorry, sir!
  • Philocrates: Where is my son?
    Nikias! Horse thieves! Here! The balls on them! She's my winningest horse! You have to get her back!
  • Nikias: We won't let you down, father!
ACO Wild Ride - Riding with Prasina Green

Bayek and the Prasina Greens setting off

Nikias mounted a horse, with Bayek and a few members of the Greens following behind. They rode to the bandits' hideout, northeast of the estate.

  • Nikias: Hurry, men! We can't let these brazen raiders get away with this! The honor of Prasina Green depends on it!
  • Green 1: For Prasina Green!
  • Nikias: Keep a sharp eye out! Father loves that horse more than me— More than all the others we've raced!
  • Green 2: For Philocrates! For Saganaki!
  • Nikias: We must be getting close.
  • Green 3: For Icarus! For Prasina Green!
  • Green 4: For the Green!
  • Green 1: How many bandits do you think there are?
  • Green 4: Do not worry. We have the Medjay with us. We will be fine.
  • Green 3: Who are these bandits?
  • Green 1: Scum who are working for the blues, I'm sure.
  • Green 3: Have you heard about the Great Hungry Ones?
  • Green 1: Who are they?
  • Green 3: Bandits down south. I think they ride war hippos.
  • Green 1: What? Are you serious?
  • Green 3: So I've heard.
ACO Wild Ride - Bayek Riding Saganaki

Bayek riding Saganaki back to Kanopos

Nikias and the group reached the nearby river and dismounted. They sneaked towards the region northeast of Kanopos. They arrived at the hideout and eliminated the bandits there. Bayek discovered Saganaki and rode her back to the estate.

  • Philocrates: By Serapis, you did it! I cannot believe it! I was convinced we'd never see Saganaki, or my son, again.
  • Bayek: I dealt with the bandits who stole her. I suspect they stole Saganaki on behalf of your blue rivals.
  • Philocrates: Gods blast them! We'll have to beat the Blues in the races, to teach them shame and humiliation. I hope you race wearing the green, Baret.
  • Bayek: I... I will do my best.


Bayek succeeded in retrieving Philocrates' horse, obtaining the Black Arrow horse as a reward.



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