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Wigmund (died 873), also known as The Tang, was an Anglo-Saxon earl and a Palatinus of the Order of the Ancients' Wardens of Wealth who lived during the 870s.


Wigmund was recognized by the Order as a man who exerted a grand influence and thus they installed him in Grantebridgescire. Along with the ties with key players, Wigmund overestimated his power and drove out the Danes and gain the land for the Order.[1]

The Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir first heard the title, The Tang, among other members of the Order once she finished renovating the Hidden Ones' bureau in Ravensthorpe.[2] Eivor then heard from Randvi about an alliance with the Summer Army, with its leaders Guthrum and jarlskona Soma for the region, Grantebridgescire.[3] When arriving at Duroliponte and then talking to Magni, Eivor went to find Soma by locating her longship first. From this conversation, Eivor noted down another clue, which surrounded Magni's recollection of Anglo Saxon soldiers shouting out the Order's name during their attack. On her Soma's trail, Eivor freed Soma's men and then found her location to be in the swamps. After their conversation, Soma revealed to Eivor that a nobleman named Wigmund was one of the Order's members. For her Soma's alliance, Eivor promised to help her find her three advisors and return Grantebridge to her.[4]

After lighting a brazier, Eivor and Soma rescued Soma's advisors, Galinn, Lif, and Birna, one by one. They all returned to Middletun to confer the next phase of the plan. After talking with Soma's advisors, Eivor then talked to Soma about the next plan against Wigmund.[5] Together at Grantebridge, Eivor, with Dag and her crew, and Soma rallied outside the door, with Wigmund waiting above it. After Wigmund ignored Soma's option of no bloodshed, Eivor set up explosives at the door, blew it open, and retook the city. However, Wigmund left the city before they had a chance to end his hold. Nevertheless, Eivor sounded the horn for their victory.

After celebrations, Eivor is awaken by Soma, who found that she was betrayed by one of her advisors as one helped Wigmund sack the city in the first place. Soma then asked Eivor for fresh eyes and to find the truth, so Eivor accepted. After pillaging with Galinn[6], raiding with Birna[7], and killing a priest with Lif[8], Eivor regrouped with them when they captured and interrogated one of Wigmund's captains.[9] After confessing Wigmund's location, which is a monastery of the Isle of Ely, Galinn quickly killed the captain and this astonished the other three. Eivor then conferred with Soma about an attack, but Soma wanted to get rid of the traitor first. After digging around the city, searching the swamps, and locating a yellow longship, Eivor reported back to Soma her findings. This led to the death of the traitor, Galinn, by Soma's dagger. Afterwards, Eivor's last clue from Soma confirmed that The Tang and Wigmund are one and the same.

Regrouping with Soma, Eivor set off to assassinate Wigmund. With their forces combined, Eivor and Soma stormed the monastey and killed Wigmund.[10] After receiving an alliance from Soma and Birna's addition to the Raven Clan, Eivor sailed back to Ravensthorpe and reported the successful mission to Randvi.[11]


  • Like certain Order members, Wigmund's cutscene in the Memory Corridor differed, as he was seen running away from Eivor, with a bunch of faceless, motionless guards surrounding him. However, in the end of the cutscene, Wigmund had nowhere to run and then Eivor took the medallion from him, as per usual.



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