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Whittaker is a field agent of the Templar Order active in Mexico.


In 2016, after the Templar Ortega Sanchez learned about Arturo Viera's attempt to capture an Assassin team targeted by his order, he and a strike team led by Whittaker left in a helicopter for the Estadio Azteca of Mexico City. Once there, the Templars killed Viera's girl and injured the kingpin using a machinegun, with Whittaker personally finishing him. After a brief fight between Whittaker and an injured Charlotte de la Cruz, the Templars surrounded the injured Assassins.[1]

Believing that they would do anything to capture her alive, de la Cruz threatened to kill herself if they didn't let her friends go but Sanchez refused, stating that bringing home the head of the famous Galina would be enough. De la Cruz then offered the location of the meeting of Erudito's leaders planned to take place three days later and this time Sanchez accepted. He gave her one day to look into the Animus for an answer and to respect their pact and Whittaker and Sanchez left in the helicopter with their men.[1] The next day, as de la Cruz was about to surrender herself to Sanchez with the promised intel, the exchange was interrupted by Viera's men who wanted to avenge their boss, prompting the Assassin to flee during the fight.[2]

However, Sanchez took precautions and had discreetly put a tracker on her, following de la Cruz to Erudito's hidden HQ in Argentina. Using a warship, the Templars assaulted the remote island on which the base was located and killed most members of Erudito. Sent after Charlotte by Sanchez, Whittaker hunted her in the island forest using the tracker and eventually found her. They fought until Charlotte knocked him out using a tree branch.[3]



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