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ACS Whitechapel


Whitechapel is one of London's seven boroughs. During the Industrial Revolution, the region became a place of destitution, with its inhabitants often turning to begging, thievery, murder,[1] and prostitution.[2]

Controlled by the Templars through their gang, the Blighters lead by Rexford Kaylock, it was eventually conquered by the Assassin-lead gang, the Rooks, under Jacob and Evie Frye. In order to take over Whitechapel, Jacob and Evie Frye had to take down several threats. When they were dealt with, a Gang War would be arranged to take down the Templars' grip on the borough for good.

Templar-overseer Templar Stronghold Blighter Factory
Rexford Kaylock Harold Drake Spitalfields Homer Dalton Radclyffe Mill

Later, in 1888, the borough was the site of a series of gruesome murders, all of them being of prostitutes, which were attributed to a mysterious serial killer dubbed Jack the Ripper.