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White Lies and Blackmail was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Brasidas sent Kassandra to find evidence that supported his stand that the Cult of Kosmos was forcing Lagos' hand.


Kassandra traveled through Tegea on her way to meet with Brasidas.

  • Kassandra: Animals outnumber people three to one in Tegea. Better watch out for predators.

She made her way northeast to the Archon's Safe House and reunited with Brasidas. He mused to himself.

  • Brasidas: There has to be some proof around here.

Kassandra spoke to him.

  • Brasidas: You came. Lagos still lives, then.
  • Kassandra: What exactly is this place?
  • Brasidas: Lagos is a very public figure in Arkadia. This is where he handles his more private affairs.

(If players asked "Why do you care so much about Lagos?")

  • Kassandra: Remind me—why are you covering for the man who wants me and my mother dead?
  • Brasidas: I've known Lagos a long time. He got supplies through to my lines when my soldiers were starving. For him to act so dishonorably is completely out of character.

(If players chose "Tell me what you hope to prove.")

  • Kassandra: What are you looking for?
  • Brasidas: If we can find out who's manipulating Lagos, there'll be no need for blood.
  • Kassandra: I thought Spartans drank blood for breakfast.

Brasidas laughed at her remark.

  • Brasidas: I've seen enough for two lifetimes. Still, I have hope.

Kassandra laughed at his remark, in turn.

ACOD White Lies and Blackmail 2

Kassandra hearing a noise

Kassandra cut him off and leaned in, signaling towards the door.

  • Brasidas: What is it?
  • Kassandra: Someone's here.

The two eavesdropped on a messenger and a guard of the Cult of Kosmos, who entered in the other building unaware of her and Brasidas.

  • Cult Guardian: Were you followed?
  • Civilian: No.
  • Cult Guardian: Good. You have the letter from Lagos?
  • Civilian: I do.
ACOD White Lies and Blackmail 3

A Cultist talking to a messenger

  • Cult Guardian: Our job is to deliver this to the Scorched Tree near a golden field. Someone will meet us there and take it to the hideout.

The Spartans heard what they needed to hear and carefully strolled back into hiding. The two left none the wiser.

  • Brasidas: A letter from Lagos? It could have the answers we need.
  • Kassandra: I'll follow them. You keep searching the house.

Kassandra bid farewell to Brasidas and followed them to the Scorched Tree. She followed the road they were taking and found the scorched tree. As she noticed a woman tied up, Kassandra eavesdropped on the Cult guards having a conversation.

  • Cult Guardian: I'm sick of this job. It's boring as dirt.
  • Cult Guardian: Could be worse, could be us guarding the hideout next to the farmhouse.
  • Cult Guardian: Hopefully that slack-jawed messenger will be here soon.
  • Cult Guardian: What's so important about a letter that they'd need us?
  • Cult Guardian: Maláka! Anyone could follow the messenger straight to the family.

Kassandra ambushed the Cult guards.

  • Cult Guardian: It's the Eagle Bearer! Kill her!

Kassandra slew all of them and freed the woman.

ACOD White Lies and Blackmail 5

Kassandra and the slave

  • Slave: I was brought here with Lagos' family. I thought we'd be killed!
  • Kassandra: Where are they?
  • Slave: Below ground, with many guards.
  • Kassandra: I need you to go tell my friend Brasidas I've found them. He should be in an old farmhouse northeast of Tegea.
  • Slave: I'll do it. Thank the gods you came to help us!

Kassandra parted ways with the woman and made her way east to the abandoned farm.

  • Kassandra: Hmm... Abandoned farmhouse, Cultists - hideout must be nearby.

After a while, she found a well behind the farmhouse leading down into the caves.

  • Kassandra: Wonder what's down here?


Kassandra determined that Lagos' family was being held hostage by the Cult of Kosmos to ensure his cooperation. She discovered the caves where they were hidden and resolved to save them.



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