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"Spectacular boulders of chalk rocks define the White Desert and hint at its past as a sea."
ACO White Desert

White Desert

The White Desert in the northeast of the Sahara Desert is a desert situated south of the Black Desert in Egypt and west of its oasis, characterized by its boulders of chalk rock formations. These rock formations are a result of wind erosion, the most famous of these so-called "stone mushrooms" is referred to as the Finger of God. Its name is derived from the desert's white limestone soil against the yellow sand.[1]

In 46 BCE, soon after the foundation of the Hidden Ones, their Mentor Bayek sent a group of his disciples to the White Desert in pursuit of an individual who claimed to be The Ibis reborn. The Sect of the Ibis Reborn had been seen in the area by Hidden One scouts. The Hidden Ones then closed in on the suspected location of its leader.[2] Following them to a tomb, the Hidden Ones searched for any sign of the Ibis Reborn among the priests, but only met decoys. However, piecing together their last words, the Hidden Ones learned that The Ibis Reborn had accessed the Khesesh Em Sesh Em Eeneb Vault under the Great Pyramid of Giza.[3]



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