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Where the Slaves Die was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek seeks to remove Rufio's lieutenant at the Quarry.


Bayek left the Hidden Ones bureau.

  • Bayek: I should go meet Tahira above the Quarry.

Bayek climbed up to higher ground and met with Tahira at the Quarry Outpost.

  • Tahira: Ah Bayek, it is time to dispose of Rufio's lieutenant. Tacito often comes out to roost atop the quarry.

A flashback of Tacito is shown. In the flashback, a worker was struggling to carry a block. Tacito noticed and threw him off the quarry. He pointed at another worker, giving him a warning not to fail.

  • Tahira: He is a brutal overseer. He makes an example of his workers everyday.

Back in present day, Tahira overlooked the the quarry to get a good view of Tacito.

  • Tahira: I will stay close by and get a view of this (fool) before we pounce on him like Senu. But are you sure it is wise to kill him in the open?
  • Bayek: Tahira, this sends a message. The Hiiden Ones will not settle for any oppressor.
  • Tahira: To kill him in front of his army or the workers will cause riot!
  • Bayek: At times, the public effect of our actions is secondary to the good they will bring.
  • Tahira: I trust you old friend. I ran across the Nile with you, and I will run across the Sinai. I am waiting for the perfect chance. He should be somewhere in this area.

Bayek hooked onto a zipline and glided down to lower ground. He sneaked his way into the outpost, where he discovered Tacito at the obelisk giving a speech to several captured rebels and the quarry.

  • Tacito: This quarry is your only hope. And you have spat on hope. Our work ensures the Walls-of-the-Ruler are solid to prevent Nabatean raids. The gods will not shine on you. Nor will your pharaoh, Cleopatra. Rome and Egypt share an alliance, you must see it this way. Egypt is a Roman colony and you will be punished by the alliance, not one country or another, you are punished by one greatness. We provide a fine, strong brew, and yet still some of you pull a sour face and try to stand against us.
  • Man: Why are you doing this? You sick man!
  • Tacio: Justitia shall punish you! Before you are many insubordinates, thieves, women of the night and other sad citizens. Lady Justice rules the Sinai as well as all lands under Roman rule. The crime of lethargy is as severe as treason and desertion. This quarry is run by rule of law. If work slows our villages suffer, our military weakens. That is enough for today with these insubordinate pigs. Let them rot in the sun. The stench of flesh will be a solemn reminder to others thinking of rebelling. That's taken care of. What was I saying? Oh, yes! Eventually I will require you to carry out the torture. The spectacle is what drives true fear into a populace. It also keeps them entertained. The Sinai will one day be like my native Cyrene, a productive and loyal colony. I could use some pomegranate wine. I wonder what Marc Antony and Cleopatra are plotting. The spectacle must commence now. Let my voice echo throughout Klysma! I want you all to know, this is the theatre of death for those who try to stand against us.

Bayek sneaked towards the obelisk. He killed Tacito's guards before attacking him.

  • Tacito: Ahhhhh, bloody pathetic guards! Jupiter save me. Someone defend me agaisnt this savage! Why are you ruining my spectacle! Rebel in our midst!
  • Man 1: Death to Tacito!
  • Man 2: Kill him! He deserves it!

Bayek killed Tacito.

  • Bayek: Let Osiris maul your ka in eternity.

A apparition of Tacito appeared, standing before a group of victims crucified on crosses.

  • Tacito: Egyptians all! Rome will be your wise master.

Bayek approached him. An apparition of Tacito crucified on a a cross appeared behind him.

  • Tacito: The Order is eternal.
  • Bayek: I need to regroup with Tahira.

Bayek regrouped with Tahira around the outpost.

  • Tahira: Ready. I fear more Romans are on the horizen. Tacito has a larger force than this, I am certain of it. If we cut down the entire operation, we may cause a rebellion, which will bring more good to Sinai. This could get messy. Freeing those prisoners could help our battle. A quiet approach could prove effective.

Bayek freed the prisoners and together with Tahira, they attacked the Roman soldiers.

  • Tahira: It is a liberation!

The Romans blew the horn, calling for reinforcements.

  • Bayek: Reinforcements. I will add them to the offering for Anubis.

Bayek and Tahira headed to another area, crowded with Roman soldiers. More rebels arrived to help Bayek and Tahira.

  • Roman Soldier 1: There they are! Cut them down!
  • Roman Soldier 2: You may never rebel against the Great Rome!
  • Roman Soldier 3: (Fuckers!)
  • Roman Soldier 4: Who is rousing the people?
  • Rebel 1: Rejoice brothers and sisters!
  • Roman Soldier 5: Ahhh!
  • Rebel 2: Tacito is dead, let us retake the Quarry!
  • Rebel 3: Return the land of the Turquoise to the Nabateans! Gamilat works fast! Our rebellion grows!

The Roman soldiers are defeated.

  • Tahira: Yes Bayek! You are still the fine warrior I knew.
  • Bayek: As are you Tahira, you still fight with Sobek.
  • Rebel Captain: A great victory for the Nabateans! Gamilat led us to another triumph!
  • Bayek: Ensure this quarry remains in good hands.
  • Rebel Captain: That will be hard. Rufio will send more centurions. And there are still slaves inside the quarry who need to be liberated.
  • Bayek: Resilience is your greatest weapon.
  • Rebel Captain: You work for Gamilat? He told us of the Hidden Ones, great shadowy heroes.
  • Bayek: No one works for the Hidden Ones.
  • Rebel Soldier: Well thank you for defending us. If I see your sigil in the future, I will respect it.


Bayek assassinated Tacito and together with Tahira, they freed the Quarry from Roman control to the Nabatean rebels, beginning a rebellion.


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