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When Night Falls was a virtual representation of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


As a favor to Nefertari, Bayek agrees to escort one of her healers to a hideout where several wounded rebels are in dire need of treatment.


Bayek met up with Suphia at the northern entrance of Nitria at night. A rebel joined them.

  • Suphia: Good to see you, Namrut!
  • Namrut: Nefertari sent reinforcements I see?
  • Suphia: His name is Bayek, a dear friend of Nefertari's. I've asked him to come along and he graciously accepted.
  • Namrut: I suppose we all do.
  • Bayek: I hear you are in some trouble. I owe a favor to Nefertari.
  • Namrut: If it's as you say...Follow me, and stay close – we've got quite a journey ahead.

They mounted horses.

  • Namrut: The path to the mine was clear, but that doesn't mean it will be on the way back. Be ready for anything.
ACO When Night Falls 3

Bayek escorting Namrut and Suphia

They began their journey to the hideout.

  • Bayek: You seem uneasy, Namrut. Why the hesitance?
  • Namrut: I don't like straying from the plan. These lands are teeming with dangers. Bandits. Soldiers. The wild. It's why we make the trips at night – helps avoid trouble.
  • Bayek: Where are you camped?
  • Namrut: In an abandoned fort to the West, our point of retreat.
  • Bayek: Retreat from what?
  • Namrut: An attack on a nearby encampment. There were more soldiers than we thought. Lost a lot of good men.
  • Bayek: How many wounded?
  • Namrut: Enough. That's why being close to the mine is so important. The healers work wonders. We are lucky Nefertari allows these deals. She has a pure heart. Risks her neck. The mine belongs to the regime after all. We should be out of harm's way once we cross that bridge.

They arrived at the fort.

  • Namrut: This is it. When we get inside, I will need your help to tend to the wounded while Suphia prepares the natron. I pray we have not lost more men.

They got off their horses and entered the fort.

  • Suphia: I will set up. Bayek, follow Namrut. He will show you what to do.
  • Namrut: These men – move them to the rear, by the kilns. This way. We will line them up. It will be easier for Suphia.
  • Bayek: Your band is much smaller than I imagined.
  • Namrut: Small but united. We fight for one another. I am merely one of them, spared by the gods this time.

Bayek carried one of the rebels.

  • Egyptian Rebel 1: Careful! Aghh!
ACO When Night Falls 5

Bayek and Suphia aiding the rebels

Bayek carried the soldier to the back of the fort and put him down. He then returned to carry another rebel and bring him to the back of the fort. He then carried the last rebel.

  • Egyptian Rebel 2: Cold... I am so cold...

Bayek carried him and put him down at the back of the fort.

  • Bayek: Their wounds are severe, but they'll live if Suphia is anything like Nefertari.
  • Namrut: You and Nefertari are old friends?
  • Bayek: Something like that. She saved my life after I killed Rudjek.
  • Namrut: You are the one that killed Rudjek, eh? I cannot believe it – by the gods! The brazier!

Bayek and Namrut looked up and discovered that the brazier on one of the walls was lit up.

  • Namrut: The fire will alert the regime!
ACO When Night Falls 10

Bayek and Namrut confronted by Ptolemaic soldiers

Suphia revealed herself to be the one who did so. Ptolemaic soldiers entered the fort.

  • Namrut: They have found us!

Bayek and Namrut defended themselves against the soldiers.

  • Soldier: Rebels! Move in, leave none alive!
    Archers! Ready your arrows!
  • Namrut: Look out! Protect the healer.
  • Soldier: Kill the wounded last.
    It is useless to fight! You are outmatched! Lay down your weapons, and we will make it quick.
  • Namrut: I would rather stick my sword down your throat.
  • Soldier: Those who oppose Ptolemy's reign die!
  • Namrut: Those who fight me die.
  • Soldier: This one fights alongside these rebels. A fool's choice!

Bayek and Namrut killed the captain and the soldiers.

  • Namrut: It's Suphia! She lit the brazier! Why would she draw the soldiers to us!? I will go check on the others. Go do something about Suphia.
ACO When Night Falls 11

Suphia confronted by Bayek

Bayek climbed up the wall to the brazier and confronted Suphia.

  • Suphia: Back off! You are a murderer!
    No! Stay away from me!
  • Bayek: Talk!

Suphia spat, holding a charm of Anubis and a knife.

  • Bayek: The omens... It was you. Why?
  • Suphia: Rudjek... I loved him. He promised me a better life! You took him from me!
  • Bayek: Now I see. You're Rudjek's mistress. Well, your fucking lover killed my son. I feel nothing for you.
  • Suphia: You're meant to die!
  • Bayek: Come!
ACO When Night Falls 15

Suphia killed by Namrut

Suphia launched herself at Bayek, but was interrupted by Namrut, who thrust a spear into her abdomen and pushed her off the wall, leading to her death. Bayek and Namrut looked at Suphia, lying on the ground.

  • Namrut: What a shame. Such a pretty girl.
    There's no room for pretty in our war.
  • Bayek: Death drives us to do things we regret.
  • Namrut: She tricked us both.
  • Bayek: Your men?
  • Namrut: The pile of dead gets bigger. We will treat the survivors. No time to fetch another healer.

If Bayek came down the ladder and approached Namrut before leaving.

  • Namrut: Your past follows you, Bayek.
    We have the natron, at least. We will do what we can. You best be on your way.


Bayek and Suphia accompanied Namrut to the hideout to tend to the wounded rebels. Suphia later betrayed them by luring Ptolemaic soldiers to the fort, though they were able to repel the attack. Suphia was revealed to be Rudjek's mistress and her thirst for revenge came to an end when she was killed by Namrut with a spear and thrown off the wall.



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