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What Lies Beneath was a virtual representation of one of Arbaaz Mir's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Having distracted the Templar forces inside the Herat Citadel, Arbaaz followed Sleeman and his men down into the Precursor site.


Arbaaz fled away from the main gate and into the Citadel.

  • Arbaaz: That should keep the British busy. Now let's find Sleeman and see what other treasures this place holds.
  • Guard: Reinforce the gates! The Afghans are inside the castle!

Arbaaz followed Sleeman and a group of guards.

  • Guard: How did they even know this was here?
  • Officer: The Major knows all about this stuff, apparently. He has spent years discovering places like this.
  • Guard: Did you know that Alexander the Great built the castle above us? Do you think he knew about this place?
  • Officer: How could he not have? It might explain why he was so unstoppable. Who knows what kind of things this place could hold?

The men reached a lift that brought them to the lower levels.

  • Sleeman: See to it that, this time, you do a better bloody job of keeping this entrance sealed!
  • Arbaaz: Sleeman went down. I need to find a way to follow him...

After traversing brittle walls down, Arbaaz arrived at the Precursor site.

  • Arbaaz: Why do I make this so hard on myself?
  • Sleeman: Hurry up gentlemen... We're close... I can feel it!
  • Arbaaz: That lift must lead to whatever it is they are after. I have to reach the top first!

Arbaaz climbed upwards, arriving there moments before the Templars, and finding a pedestal.

  • Arbaaz: That's what they were looking for...
  • Sleeman: Step away if you will. You're quick, Assassin, but are you quick enough to dodge all our bullets? Now, remove your weapons. And no fancy little tricks.
  • Arbaaz: Live to fight another day, Arbaaz...


Arbaaz reached the Precursor site, but was forced to surrender. He was then knocked out by one of Sleeman's men.



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