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What Goes Around was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore journeyed to San Gimignano to help his uncle, Mario Auditore, kill Vieri de' Pazzi, one of the Templars responsible for the conspiracy against his family that led to the execution of his male kin.


Ezio arrived at San Gimignano and found his uncle along with his troops outside the city.

  • Mario: Ezio? What are you doing here?
  • Ezio: Taking responsibility. Vieri troubles you because of me.
  • Mario: Vieri troubles us because he is a Templar and we are Assassins.
  • Ezio: Either way. I wish to help.
  • Mario: Va bene. (Alright.) Then listen close:
    First we must find a way inside the city. Though it seems Vieri expects us...
    He has sealed the gates and sent his men to guard them. Fortunately for us, the city is larger than its host. The southern gate suffers for it. So this is where we will strike. Pronti?

Ezio and Mario reached the gates, only to find it closed. Mario suggested to Ezio that he climb over the wall and open the gates, while Mario and his men distracted the guards.

WGA 1 v

Mario explaining the plan to Ezio

  • Mario: Alright, Ezio. Here's how it is going to work: My men and I will distract the guards. Once we've engaged them, get yourself over the wall and find a way to open the gate.
    Take these throwing knives. Use them to dispatch the archers.
  • Ezio: I'm ready when you are.
  • Mario: Then let us begin. All'attacco! (Charge!)

Mario gave Ezio a knife belt, and he climbed over the southern wall to deal with the archers, while Mario and his men fought the guards outside the gate. Following this, Ezio killed the archers and opened the gates for his uncle.

  • Mario: Well done, Ezio! We're in!

Mario commanded his troops inside the city.

  • Mario: This way, men!

Inside, they encountered more guards.

  • Mario: I want you to distract those guards, and keep them from raising the alarm. Hopefully it will buy me enough time to find and silence Vieri.
  • Ezio: Va bene. (Alright.)
  • Mario: Wait, nipote (nephew). Take a few of my men with you... Just to be safe.
    Come join me once they are dealt with.

As Ezio approached a group of guards, he overheard them talking about Vieri.

  • Guard 1: What's Vieri up to now?
WGA 19 v

Mercenaries facing the Pazzi guards in front of Santa Maria Assunta

  • Guard 2: No one knows. But something has him on edge. How else to explain all the patrols?
  • Guard 3: We're meant to be soldiers. Instead he's turned us into nursemaids. And why?
  • Guard 2: Shooting his off mouth again, no doubt. Angering the wrong sorts of people... And so now we pay the price.
  • Guard 1: Careful. Or do you want us dragged before him like Bernardo was?
  • Guard 2: Poor bastard... I heard Vieri took his eyes.
  • Guard 1: I'd like to keep mine. So let's end this conversation.

Ezio, along with the mercenaries, attacked and killed the guards. They then moved further into the city, and found one of Mario's men lying wounded near a well.

  • Mercenary: Ezio! Your uncle's under attack and needs help! Go to him!

Ezio reached the Santa Maria Assunta to find Mario and Vieri's men in combat. On seeing Ezio, Mario called to him.

  • Mario: Ah, nipote (nephew)! There you are! It seems my plan has hit something of a snag...
    Vieri's men ambushed us, and now we've got our hands full. My brothers and I will deal with these guards – I want you to go ahead and root out that snake!
    Find Vieri! See that justice is served!
Ezio left to find Vieri while his uncle dealt with the guards. Upon reaching the northern gates, Ezio watched from the rooftops as Vieri entered the city along with his father and two other men. Ezio recognized one of them, a man wearing a hood, as the same person who was at Uberto Alberti's residence and later at the execution of his father and brothers, Federico and Petruccio.
WGA 9 v

Rodrigo Borgia calming Vieri de' Pazzi

  • Spaniard: It's settled: Vieri, you will remain here to coordinate the mercenari (mercenaries). Francesco will organize our forces in the city and send word when it's time to strike. Jacopo, your job is to calm the citizens once the deed is done.
  • Vieri: What about that ubriacone (drunkard) Mario? He continues to harass my forces and I fear he'll discover what we intend.
  • Francesco: He's always been trouble. Just like that bastardo (bastard) brother of his.
  • Vieri: Then let me reunite them, father!
  • Spaniard: There will be plenty of time to clean up rifiuti (trash) when we've finished.
    Now, is there anything else?

The Pazzi remained silent and Ezio was shocked at hearing Vieri's intentions.

The group repeated the remark before everyone left, and a guard ran up to Vieri.

WGA 10 v

The group taking the Templar pledge

  • Guard: Comandante! Comandante! (Commander! Commander!)
  • Vieri: What?!
  • Guard: Mario Auditore has invaded the city! He comes for you!
  • Vieri: Then let's not keep him waiting.

Vieri retreated to the San Gimignano battlements, while Mario and his troops attacked the guards. During this time, Ezio moved in to assassinate Vieri, who recognized him.

  • Vieri: Ah! There you are. I've been looking forward to this for a long, long time.

Ezio killed the guards surrounding Vieri and finally ended his life.

  • Ezio: What are you and your allies planning? Is this what my father discovered? Is this why he was killed?
  • Vieri: I'm sorry, were you hoping for a confession?

Ezio became angry as he could not extract any answers from Vieri.

  • Ezio: Pezzo di merda! Vorrei solo che avessi sofferto di più! Hai avuto la fine che meritavi! Spero che bru– (Piece of shit! I only wish you'd suffered more! You met the fate you deserved! I hope yo–)

Mario cut in suddenly.

  • Mario: Enough, Ezio! Show some respect.
WGA 14 v

Ezio killing Vieri

  • Ezio: Respect? After all that's happened? Do you think he would have shown either of us such kindness?
  • Mario: You are not Vieri. Do not become him.

Mario walked up to Vieri's body.

  • Mario: Che la morte ti dia la pace che cercavi. (May death provide the peace you sought.) Requiescat in Pace. (Rest in peace.)

Mario took a letter from Vieri's body and gave it to Ezio.

  • Mario: Take this. Read it when you have time. Our work here is finished. Let us return to the villa...


Ezio Auditore, along with the help of his uncle Mario Auditore and his mercenary troops, assassinated Vieri de' Pazzi. He also gained a letter from Fra Giocondo and a Codex page from Vieri. After that, any target he killed, he gave them last rites as respect by closing their eyes and saying "Requiescat in pace" (Latin for "rest in peace").


  • A rare glitch could occur when Ezio opened the city gates and the mercenaries came in. Mario would sometimes stay outside and would not move, with the only way to rectify this being to restart the memory, as Mario's presence was necessary to complete it.



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